Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Stage


Play, shout, laugh!
Chi-fully and full of mind,
as The Bard said,
in your head or out,
but play!

Bring the rafters down,
down upon this world.
Do not fret, do not worry!
At this, do not be sad!
For Mighty Atlas still he fights,
And, lo!, the next moment comes!

Like the dawn it comes!
Glimmering, it comes to rout the crowd,
those minds that dared to laugh out loud,
to play and shout and run all 'round.
Here or there all twirled about,
Everywhere in the fields of time.
Nowhere in the reels of space.
Somewhere in this mystery,this kind of history we find.

We find while playing, laughing under lights,
those endings, those stars, those maybees,
those starting points all 'round like leaves.

Rest now from this our play,
Fall here amongst these shimmerings,
the once beginnings of moments past.

mindbringer, 24 August 2009
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