Saturday, November 26, 2016


Incessant rains pour down each new day as inevitable as Death.
Over chains of normally green islands, a grayness has settled in.
The already oppressive humidity, added to by the falling showers,
seeps into the Soul, bringing forth a profound lethargy of the Spirit.
The air's heaviness is stale and makes it hard to take a deep breath.
One has a tendency to address this affrontery with brandy or gin,
substituting false bravado for the dry season's wiling away of hours.
Will we then complain at the lack of rain once we no longer have it?

mindbringer, 26 November 2016

Winter's Steely Grip Released

The ups and downs and round and rounds
of Life keep their steely grip on our days
and are much harder to deal with than it sounds.
It is due somewhat to not understanding the ways
people change so quickly and hence it compounds
the ways we interact and adapt.  How it plays!
Other causes are harder to explain and just confounds
an already confused process.  And so stress stays
our constant companion.  Unpredictability abounds!
It could be the time of year, as Psychology says,
but I think it is more likely our choice that hounds
us at every turn.  So, choose to bask in the Sun's rays,
as the days are shorter now, and you will gain pounds
of happiness and cheer since Nature's Laws our Life obeys!

mindbringer, 26 November 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Light In The North

The North Polar skies lay dark and cold, yet beckoning in their quiet.
Save for the Aurora Borealis, cosmic fires flickering above in seeming riot,
nothing but towering spires of the ancient castle pierced the Winter night.
From far atop the tallest tower, there shown forth a blinding bright red light!
Residents of the surrounding town saw it at once.  It was precious to their sight.
For they knew that soon their benefactor and leader would fly out like a kite!

He had cheeks so red they rivaled the color of his furry suit as well as the cherry nose
of his lead reindeer, head of the team of eight that carried him forth on dancing toes.
In just this one night, he would circle all mankind again and again, bringing clothes
and toys and hand-carved goods made here from time immemorial.  To all he'd pose
that ancient question, "Good or bad?" He knew if true or false the answers they chose!
If bad or false, rather than opening, instead the bottomless sack on his back would close.

The spreading of cheer and goodwill amongst men and women his sacred Honor and Duty,
he spent the whole year prior to this special night making and creating gifts of joy for all to see
when early on the morning of the Birth of Our Savior, Christ the King, they would jump with glee
and run from their bedrooms to look at the wonder of it all, brought magically to them by he
who was truly a jolly old soul and whose entire rotundity quivered like a bowstring when upon his knee
the tiny elf tickled him and called out to those catching them at their task:  "Merry Christmas to thee!"

mindbringer, 23 November 2016

Mountain Eve Revisited

The faint, but visible, wisps of smoke drifted through the scented pines,
seeking out the endless realms of sky above them to dissipate ethereally
amongst the red and purple clouds of a new Sun rising above a far horizon.
The source of their being, a small but brave fire built in the primeval woods,
carried on its ancient instinct and provided steady warmth to the those nearby:
A rather large, jolly-looking, seemingly old, white-bearded elf and his friends.

As old as Time, a leather-covered sleigh lay off in the forest hidden amongst vines.
The elf's friends consisted of a team of Reindeer that stood around him faithfully,
now unharnessed, while taking a much-deserved break here in this hidden basin.
A blue enamel pot of coffee boiled upon the flames while the elf gathered foods
for his long-time companions.  Satisfied, as always, with their timeless urge to fly
around the Whole Wide World in a single night.  A flight upon which all depends.

He sat now upon a fallen log, used so often before in this annual ritual, near mines
of gold and silver long past spent of their treasures.  The quiet now settled in ideally
covering the forest glen with the restful silences of true Nature, the rotund Citizen
of The Ages, dressed all in robes of red and boots of black, now without any goods
in his tremendous sack sitting in the back of the golden sleigh, gave a grateful sigh
and, laying a finger aside his nose, loudly spoke the words which he forever sends:


mindbringer, 23 November 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lady Of The Daunting Smile

Oh my Lady, my truest love, I love your daunting smile,
To see it in all of its glory, I would walk the very last mile!
Your soul, your very being, your essence is reflected in it.
As we are One, soul mates, brought together by God, let
everyone know of our great affection for each other,
our total surrender of ourselves, each the ultimate lover.

Your thousand smiles would launch a thousand ships,
over the wine-dark sea.  Launched to kiss your sweet lips!
Your soft breasts bared to the Universe for all to see,
it is me that is the privileged one that gets to always be
enveloped by your love, entwined in your legs and arms.
Secretly or publicly, we embrace fully and raise the alarms!

Let the whole world know of our commitment to Love!
Let God send down and bless our lives with his Holy dove.
We were known by Him since the beginning of Time.
It is He who made us one, to inspire the poet's rhyme!
Together the rest of His Universe was affected
by our example to evolve as He wanted. Perfected!

Now, along with the aid of His angels, we shall be
Lovers and the best of friends throughout History.
Yes, for all eternity until we two sit by His side
in Heaven, the Moon will always draw the tide
and the Sun will always rise, the rivers always flow.
And we, the sum of all Creation, will unite as one Soul!

So, my sweet darling angel, come to me in our lover's bed,
rest upon my waiting shoulder your weary head.
I will comfort thee and make love to thee, and we
shall know what God hath wrought here by the roiling Sea.
Pleasure we will give and pleasure we will take!
Our loving will not stop ever and new Life we will make.

So, smile, my dear, smile until the Universe blinks!
And the spinning Milky Way all together winks.
All will be prone to do the same as we excite
all Nature with our passions of each special night.
So, as you walk on clouds of ecstasy, I will see
that you are all that I will ever need just to "be".

mindbringer, 3 November 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Can Never Not Love You!

As other pretty women come and go,
much like ubiquitous Colorado snow,
I always circle back around to what I know,
that You and I with the Tides do flow
always back together by a colossal undertow
as if participants in some celestial show.

Always covered by God's Silver Liner,
the plans for us of our Great Designer
could never ever produce anything finer
than our love which seems a Cosmic Timer
writing the story of Us as Devine Rhymer.
We are Love's foundation, her infinite primer.

The Universe keeps track of us hour by hour
while below on Earth the unfolding flower
scents our way with Nature's loving power.
Down there, by the wine-dark Sea's bower,
for us is erected by Angels an immense tower,
a tower below which all unlike us cower.

Afraid of their own mutually exclusive shadows, alone
they are doomed to wander under Heaven's dome
forever chasing dreams of a life, of an unlived Poem.
Not like them, We instead grow every closer and roam
the ethereal realms, hand in hand, far above Atlantis' foam.
And our story is ever kept alive in God's Holy Tome.

mindbringer, 9 November 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Mountains of Penzance

The Mountains of Penzance fell to the sea all in a tumble.
From deep within them you could hear an ominous rumble!
The major stream cascaded over the edges in a fit and a fumble.
Crashing far below into the rocks at water's rough-carved edge,
she had beaten out over millennia a depression shaped like a wedge
and smoothed out every pointed outcrop and protruding ledge.

Further back from the edge on the Mountain's tops and backcountry,
deep into primeval forests, sudden deep canyons, many an old-growth tree
and rushing, glacier fed rivers, there lay ancient lands as far as you could see.
Utter Penzance.  As old as the Rise of Man.  Immutable.  Inscrutable.  Fearless.
A permanent haze and smoke rose from the lands as if they would confess
their many sins and deeds of daring, plunder and conflict.  War.  Wilderness.

Here dwelled human beings still with their massive dogs and beasts of burden.
Dark and gnarled from many years of hard labors grabbing life from the Mountain,
they'd learned the magic of the hills and their willpower and resolve would only harden.
And over them all an ethereal being, a beautiful and powerful Queen of light ruled
with gentle but unyielding hands backed up still by her huge sword that had drilled
many a miscreant and evil-doer.  And her name was Enigma.  And she was much feared.

Unbeknownst to them all, a volcano that had slept since the dawn of Earth's making
was preparing to awaken with all the pent-up violence of the molten core forsaking
all to a Doom only talked about in whispers around campfires since the land's taking.
Feeling the trembles and shakes well before the others, Enigma took up her sword.
Mystery it was called.  She gathered her personal guard and rode off to face the Lord
of Fire.  She never doubted her ability to deal with Nature Unleashed, could not be floored.

Riding up after a perilous journey through falling rocks from the sky to the crater's very edge,
she raised her brilliant, shining Mystery up high and shouted at the Lord to come off his ledge
and to face her in fair battle like the giants of old.  But the smug being would not budge.
With a shattering cry, she leapt her horse off into the depths to land far below in his domain.
There, they fought for days and nights on end, until at last her great heart burst into a rain
of bright red blood.  The Lord of Fire erupted then and Utter Penzance was never seen again.
mindbringer, 10 June 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another chapter of my novel in progress, "Balite".

He looked out with his big 7 X 50 Navy binoculars toward the far horizon from his perch on the Starboard Bridge Wing. The gray rolling seas gently rocked the ship from side to side as well as from fore to aft. It was a pleasant feeling. The sea breeze caressed his skin like a massage. At times like this, it was hard to concentrate on his duties. His duties as the Officer of the Deck (OOD). Having to keep an eye on everything, literally EVERYTHING, on the ship kept him moving from place to place too frequently to relax or enjoy another day at sea.

They had been at sea now for four months and were only a few hours from pulling into their home port at Subic Bay Naval Station in the Republic of the Philippines. During those four months, they had visited Hong Kong; Inchon, Chinghai and Seoul, Korea; and Yokosuka and Sasebo, both in Japan. But, this was the place he truly liked the best. Subic Bay. Olongapo. The PI. This would be his last time approaching Subic from the sea. The last time he would be the OOD. The last time he would be out to sea period. He was leaving the Navy! His home for the last 10 years. Too much family separation had finally caused him to voluntarily leave and to return to civilian life. He would be getting out as a full Lieutenant (O-3E) and going into the Active Reserves. He would be going to a new home somewhere in Colorado, hopefully in Boulder.

The Quartermaster of the Watch came over and told him they were nearing the time for their last turn before entering the harbor. A long leg headed straight West towards Grande Island. A jewel of an island set at the entrance of the harbor. The Quartermaster signaled him that the time had come for the turn. “Helmsman, right standard rudder, steer course two seven zero!”, he ordered. Normally, the Junior Office of the Deck (JOOD) would have given the helm order but he had gone to the head. It was okay for him to be gone this far out at sea still. The helmsman barked back his order exactly to ensure it was understood. There was a slight tilt as the ship turned. As they reached a heading of 270 degrees, he ordered all engines ahead full in keeping with the Night Orders from the Captain. They had some time to make up due to the large storm, the outskirts of a typhoon, which they had weathered north of the island of Luzon. As the ship picked up speed, he realized that they had turned into the seas. They were nearly exactly perpendicular to their direction. This was the part of sailing he most enjoyed! Even after a night like last night, the one that was just two or three hours in the past. The side to side rocking motion was gone and was replaced by the ship plunging through the swells, cutting its way through the seas like a cross-cut saw. He enjoyed seeing the white water spray up from the bow. Last night, those waves had been towering and had washed over the entire forward part of the ship crashing upon the bridge structure itself and into the closed heavy sea doors on either side.

What a night it had been! His watch was now nearing its end as it was 0730 Hours and he was looking forward to some free time on deck before the work day started. He had been on watch for nearly eight hours, far more than the normal four. He had to stand the mid-watch due to the typhoon. Most of the other officers and men were seasick from the tremendous waves and swells it generated. He was relatively unaffected by heavy seas although he was susceptible to the rocking motion on very small vessels. So, the Captain had ordered him to stand back-to-back watches. They were in fact headed into, by necessity, an area of the ocean that was exactly in the middle of TWO typhoons! They had been heading east from Hong Kong across the South China Sea and had to pass north of Luzon. These were relatively restricted waters due to the various islands around and Formosa (Taiwan) to the north. So, they had no choice but to head east and try to pick the best route through outskirts of the two typhoons. They would survive but it cost them their Captain’s Gig. It broke its moorings in the heavy seas sometime during the night and was washed over the side.

He and the Navigator were the only two Officers on the Bridge. The Captain was trying to catch some shut-eye in his Sea Cabin just off the Bridge. For a few hours they had been enduring tremendous waves crashing over the ship. They had a bucket for puke - just in case – hanging from one of the sound-powered phone stations. When the Captain would come out every once in a while to check on things, he would light up a cigar! That was his idea of fun. But, he would just move off to the side some to avoid the sickening smoke. The Captain really enjoyed watching them squirm. It was pitch black and raining in thick torrents. Visibility was zero. The radars and LN-66 were virtually useless due to the echoes from all the huge whitecaps. They were depending mainly on the dead-reckoning unit and the electronic navigation system. These calculated their position based on last known good fix and the subsequent headings and speeds. But, if there was to be any other ship crossing their course, they would be in risk of collision because they simply could not see or detect it. They were sailing blindly.

The ship shook and groaned on every plunge into the thirty-five foot or taller swells. She would shake mightily and sound as if it were breaking apart. They had put out the heavy seas lines all over the deck in case some poor sailor had to go out on deck. But, luckily, that had not been required. The loss of the Gig had happened unknowingly and too quickly at any rate to have prevented it. The night lived up to that old saying, “Being an Officer of the Deck is long hours of boredom broken up by seconds of sheer terror”. They were actually experiencing just the opposite. He had not been bored at all for hours! They had the windshield wipers going full blast but he could still not see a thing other than whitecaps due to the incessant rains and the frequent splash of the waves upon the bridge windows. The port and starboard bridge wing watches were actually standing watch just inside the bridge doors for safety. The ship had been relatively locked down by setting Condition Zebra throughout the ship. This meant that most of the doors and hatches inside and outside the ship were closed. They were marked with large “Z” s to designate them as Condition Zebra. If you went through one of these doors you had to close it and tighten it down behind you. This Condition ensured that the sea would not easily enter the ship. Normally, this Condition is only set during General Quarters or the Collision alarm.

Usually, there were mid-rats (Midnight rations) every night down in the Wardroom as well as in the Crew’s Mess. These were simple meals or leftovers that were prepared for those standing night watches. However, this night was so bad that nothing was prepared except coffee. Coffee was always good anyway. Navy coffee was drunk strong and, most of the time, black. In later years, he would still always like his coffee strong. This particular night, the coffee went down good. It was comforting to have something hot on this cold, windy, rainy, plunging watch. The winds were pretty much hurricane strength, blowing up the waves to their towering heights. The Ensign up on the main mast was probably getting ripped to shreds. Not a junior officer but the Flag of the United States of America! They would have to replace it tomorrow, especially before entering port. Right now the winds were following for the most part but later they would be turning south and headed mainly into the wind. They would surely burn lots of fuel when that happened. They would have to crank up the engine speed as a result of the headwinds in order to keep on way. All the worst circumstances and situations seemed to be piling on this night, short of war of course.

He looked around at the Bridge watch. Many of the faces he saw, just kids really, were green from being almost seasick. But, they were standing their watch. Proudly it seemed. Most of them, like himself, were from the Midwest or other states not bordering on the ocean. Well, they were all certainly getting their fill of ocean tonight! Nothing like this in Kansas or Illinois. But, despite that, they all continued to function as they were expected. The Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch (BMOW) was in charge of the five other enlisted men on the Bridge and the good ones kept everyone sharp, awake and responsive to commands. The Quartermaster of the Watch, although enlisted, was in his own little world and did not work for the BMOW directly. The Messenger of the Watch was the one who, amongst other things, had to navigate the bouncing stairwells down to the Wardroom or Mess to fetch coffee. You had to have it just to stay awake during these late hours, even with the irrepressible excitement of the storm. Just about every Officer and sailor drank coffee. Some of the Chief Petty Officers were known to mix it with stronger brews even though it was against Navy Regulations. Like with many things, certain habits and behaviors were overlooked if you were a good sailor otherwise. It wouldn’t be “the Navy” if that wasn’t the case! Work hard then play hard, that was the unofficial Navy motto. Well, tomorrow they would be playing hard indeed.

Finally, they had exited the typhoon’s area of influence and arrived in calmer seas and winds. Not calm, just calmer. And that made all the difference. The ship came alive as the swells died down and the howling winds subsided. Sailors rolled out of their racks and hit the mess decks searching for coffee and breakfast. The cooks had already got up the minute they were able and began prepping for the morning onslaught of hungry, weather-beaten sailors. But, they were sailors who were coming home! So close, they could literally smell it on the seaward breezes. And there was nothing more exciting that a ship arriving home after a long time at sea. The families were probably already gathering on the pier, his as well as all the others. The BMOW piped the Call to Quarters and his relief showed up early. After a long, harrowing night, the eight hours of watch were finally coming to an end. The sun had come out in all of its post-storm glory. He gave the order to reduce speed as they approached land. As he watched his relief walking around checking everything out first, he felt the usual sense of nostalgia as they approached the Philippines. The tops of the hills could be seen even now off in the distance. Finally, his relief came over and stated “Officer of the Deck, I am ready to relieve you!”.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Barn

The dilapidated old barn was a sight for a sore eye.
Painted red some day long ago, it now stood gray
and slightly crooked as if to look curious and ask why?
It still contained some mildewed and musty wet hay
and the horse and cow corals attached were a bad lie.
It stood there nonetheless and seemed to have a lot to say.
So, I sit and leaned my back up against her and by and by

I heard what she had been holding back all these years,
I saw from her warped and dried out planks the rush of tears.
She let it all out what she'd seen all this time, her hopes and fears
for us, her builders, where we had been, our fars and our nears.

The run down and wooden-nailed remnant from the past
seemed to breathe in and out as she let go all her memories
coming to life this one last time, knowing it would be her last.
Now her rafters were fully webbed and full of bumble bees
from a nest up in the loft where honey dripped as bees cast
round for more nectar from the local fields of colorful daisies.
But the barn was now just an old signpost that was fading fast...

mindbringer, 29 May 2016


The sonorous, languorous sounds wafted over my ears
like the endless, repetitious waves upon a dark wine sea.
Bringing out into the ether despite all of my long, wise years
my essence, my reality, my consciousness, all that I could be.

There suspended above my empty, soulless shell of a body,
my being hovered not quite sure of what to do or where to go.
It headed for the white sandy shores of that now darker sea
and there spread out for miles to gather in the morning show.

As the Sun rose above the horizon of the sea, it slowly lightened
and the height of the waves lessened as the crescent moon set.
Temperatures rose and so did the vibration of my being, it brightened
and felt the pull of my body, of gravity pulling it towards me and yet

the sea sought to grasp it onto herself and absorb my being as
she had that of all the dead sailors past from the dead hulks of ships.
Struggling, my very soul stretched out towards me longingly as has
all other separated creations before.  Passing through my open lips,

it regained its hold in me and we became as one again, shell and soul.
Together we stepped from the ebbing tidal waters and walked the silken sands
of time back towards where we came from, back home where we were whole.
And there we thought of and wrote of that which had slipped from our hands.

The nearby mirror showed a mere reflection of me, my soul nowhere to be found.
I stood up though and continued to practice the meditative, slow steps of my Tai Chi
and soon warm energy was flowing round and round and through me and to the ground.
The sounds that started it all last night were still in the air and I became all that I can be...

mindbringer, 29 May 2016