Saturday, July 29, 2017

Missing Notes

The old horn lay in the corner sad and unused.
Gathering dust as if it were just a hunk of brass.
Supposedly inanimate, it was nonetheless confused.
It was once so much more than just mere mass.

Whatever its master asked was perfectly played
causing all hearing to stop, freezing in their tracks,
listening in rapture and awe to the notes so made
flowing through their ears and down their backs.

But now it was forgotten and idle, the notes missing.
Its master had left this earthly plane crushed and alone,
his one true love having died while they were kissing.
Heart broken, he lay in sorrow unable even to moan.

Days passed and, painfully, he stood up somehow.
Starving and filthy, he wandered out into the cold.
And there, too weak to stop it, he took his last bow
and froze as the horn remembered the notes of old...

mindbringer, 29 July 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Love Anticipated

The sun rises and sets in your deep eyes,
moon glow lights your breasts on fire!
Unrelenting Love lies between your thighs,
the soft hills behind you inflame my desire!

The heat of Love flowing from your being,
draws me to you like wind bending a reed.
Passion rises in me, and you now seeing
allow me in eagerly to quench our need.

Everywhere, the quickly discarded clothing
waits in mute anticipation of the ending.
But sweet Love we will never stop making
until the stars above their light stop sending.

mindbringer, 12 April 2017

Nisa Golden Light

Nisa, you look so fine lying in the morning light,
soaking in golden rays of sun on sands of white.
Others look twice and then again to believe the sight!
Along with Mother Nature, you are all that is right
with these Islands, a new life after the long night.
And I?  Your beauty takes from me all my might...

mindbringer, 12 April 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Self Destruction

The man woke up as usual at three in the morning.
He opened his first cold beer of the day and,
likewise, lit up his first cigarette.  Pure bliss
and still another day to somehow make it through.
He knew for a fact that his late wife waited for him.
Waited for him in Heaven.  Don't worry my Love!,
he thought. I am not long for this world without you.
Still another day of drinking and smoking and eating
what he wanted to, doing what he wanted to, lay before
him.  Was it the Abyss, or was it destiny?  Inevitability?
Time would answer that question.  Relentless, remorseless,
unforgiving Time.  He would make it as easy as possible
for the Fates to deal with him accordingly.  Rather than
the arrows of Love that used to pierce his heart, mighty
Zeus now threw lightning bolts through it.  The sound of
his Thunder echoed through his Soul.  No longer embracing
Life, he eschewed it whenever possible.  Looking forward
to sunsets rather than risings, to Winter's cold fingers
rather than Spring's rebornings.  Mournings, not Mornings...

mindbringer, 12 January 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Heaven On Earth

From far skies, your long hair falls to the Earth like meteorites ablaze,
their glorious descent attracting the gaze of all those who dream.
Dream of Love incarnate, that maybe, just maybe, one being of Creation
is worthy to contain the Light of Heaven in her deep, dark, piercing eyes.

For all eternity, the entire Cosmos is in rapture, turning nights into days!
All else throughout the long ages of History, has seemed but some scheme,
when compared to the inspiring essence and fiery heat of your being.  Elation
is but the first effect of the true Love melting between your golden thighs.

I am chief amongst the Dreamers.  Those whose dreams are like the Sun's rays.
Beaming outwards into the entire universe, seeking always that greatest Theme.
The Theme of Love.  Of Love eternal, both ideal and real.  Pouring out libations
of loving kindness upon the World, in return for causing in you Pleasure's sighs.

mindbringer, 6 January 2017

The Light Of Eternal Love

You hold my Soul, cupped like starlight in your soft hands.
Eyes that go on forever shift towards the light like desert sands.
Seeing me there in the light, you join with me as One in bliss.
Our love that has grown with every passing moment, our kiss
that has lasted since the beginning of time, must needs melt
and bind together.  The intertwining of our heart strings, felt
rather than seen, sends our uncontainable Love, shining forever
like the fullness of the Moon, revealed to all and ending never.

mindbringer, 6 January 2017

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Incessant rains pour down each new day as inevitable as Death.
Over chains of normally green islands, a grayness has settled in.
The already oppressive humidity, added to by the falling showers,
seeps into the Soul, bringing forth a profound lethargy of the Spirit.
The air's heaviness is stale and makes it hard to take a deep breath.
One has a tendency to address this affrontery with brandy or gin,
substituting false bravado for the dry season's wiling away of hours.
Will we then complain at the lack of rain once we no longer have it?

mindbringer, 26 November 2016

Winter's Steely Grip Released

The ups and downs and round and rounds
of Life keep their steely grip on our days
and are much harder to deal with than it sounds.
It is due somewhat to not understanding the ways
people change so quickly and hence it compounds
the ways we interact and adapt.  How it plays!
Other causes are harder to explain and just confounds
an already confused process.  And so stress stays
our constant companion.  Unpredictability abounds!
It could be the time of year, as Psychology says,
but I think it is more likely our choice that hounds
us at every turn.  So, choose to bask in the Sun's rays,
as the days are shorter now, and you will gain pounds
of happiness and cheer since Nature's Laws our Life obeys!

mindbringer, 26 November 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Light In The North

The North Polar skies lay dark and cold, yet beckoning in their quiet.
Save for the Aurora Borealis, cosmic fires flickering above in seeming riot,
nothing but towering spires of the ancient castle pierced the Winter night.
From far atop the tallest tower, there shown forth a blinding bright red light!
Residents of the surrounding town saw it at once.  It was precious to their sight.
For they knew that soon their benefactor and leader would fly out like a kite!

He had cheeks so red they rivaled the color of his furry suit as well as the cherry nose
of his lead reindeer, head of the team of eight that carried him forth on dancing toes.
In just this one night, he would circle all mankind again and again, bringing clothes
and toys and hand-carved goods made here from time immemorial.  To all he'd pose
that ancient question, "Good or bad?" He knew if true or false the answers they chose!
If bad or false, rather than opening, instead the bottomless sack on his back would close.

The spreading of cheer and goodwill amongst men and women his sacred Honor and Duty,
he spent the whole year prior to this special night making and creating gifts of joy for all to see
when early on the morning of the Birth of Our Savior, Christ the King, they would jump with glee
and run from their bedrooms to look at the wonder of it all, brought magically to them by he
who was truly a jolly old soul and whose entire rotundity quivered like a bowstring when upon his knee
the tiny elf tickled him and called out to those catching them at their task:  "Merry Christmas to thee!"

mindbringer, 23 November 2016