Thursday, October 26, 2017


Naked, you lay on the warm, white
sands of a Philippine beach.  Your
long, hard nipples pointed up at
the cloud-puffed, azure sky with your
legs spread wide open to the sea
breeze.  Your wet lower lips glistened
in the noonday sun as your soft, smooth
skin continued to brown under its rays.
Your mouth was slightly parted, your
sweet lips begging my attention.
Watching you from a few feet away,
I could not help but be drawn to you
as if you were a magnet.  I needed to
touch you.  Now!  As I got close to you,
I became aware that your whole body
was humming like the string of a
freshly plucked Cello, fully in tune
with the Universe.  A touch from me,
and I feared you would explode into a
hundred orgasms.  But, I could not
resist the lure of you.  Naked also, I placed
myself between your open legs and
began to slide my hardness into your
waiting portal of slippery pinkness.
At that instant, you did explode!  As did I!
We melted into each other, becoming
fused together as one soul, one
dream come true as the first day
of Forever ebbed and flowed around us.
Writhing together in harmony with Nature,
the evidence of our love pooled around
our hips slowly soaking into the sand
while the eternal melody of the Sea
sang its songs for you and for me.  We.

mindbringer, 26 October 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


The clear, cascading mountain brook actually babbled to him,
yielding all of its eternal stories into his already crowded mind
while continuing on its repetitive journey forever replenished
by Nature's bounty and gray clouds full of life-giving moisture.

Overwhelmed, he took repose in the soft grasses of river's rim.
Basking there in the high valley's sunlight, he looked to find
the collective answers to all of Life's questions malnourished
as he was by mere existence in his dreary town's cow pasture.

Manure is no substitute for knowledge.  He discovered that gem.
But, he was looking for more, much more and not of that kind!
The arc of the long Summer's day passed and he was not finished.
Then, the full blue moon rose and bathed him in beams of azure.

The cry of a distant Loon, haunting yet revealing, piercing yet dim,
woke something in him not felt in decades.  Like ties that bind.
The Gordian Knot of the entire Cosmos untied itself and wished
its freedom upon him transcending him into enlightened rapture.

mindbringer, 13 September 2017

Single Malt

Like this empty bottle of 17 year old Glenlivet,
my body is now without purpose or meaning.
The empty flesh serves to provide memories
of what was, reminders of the stubborn past.

The pure mountain waters taken at sunset
and gathered like raw diamonds gleaming
to be used and then returned to gray seas
leaving distillers purposeless again at last.

I wait for the Master Distiller's act to upset
Great Balance by routing oceans' teaming
once more into empty shells that, like keys
to Life's endless renewal, lie ready and vast.

mindbringer, 13 September 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Missing Notes

The old horn lay in the corner sad and unused.
Gathering dust as if it were just a hunk of brass.
Supposedly inanimate, it was nonetheless confused.
It was once so much more than just mere mass.

Whatever its master asked was perfectly played
causing all hearing to stop, freezing in their tracks,
listening in rapture and awe to the notes so made
flowing through their ears and down their backs.

But now it was forgotten and idle, the notes missing.
Its master had left this earthly plane crushed and alone,
his one true love having died while they were kissing.
Heart broken, he lay in sorrow unable even to moan.

Days passed and, painfully, he stood up somehow.
Starving and filthy, he wandered out into the cold.
And there, too weak to stop it, he took his last bow
and froze as the horn remembered the notes of old...

mindbringer, 29 July 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Love Anticipated

The sun rises and sets in your deep eyes,
moon glow lights your breasts on fire!
Unrelenting Love lies between your thighs,
the soft hills behind you inflame my desire!

The heat of Love flowing from your being,
draws me to you like wind bending a reed.
Passion rises in me, and you now seeing
allow me in eagerly to quench our need.

Everywhere, the quickly discarded clothing
waits in mute anticipation of the ending.
But sweet Love we will never stop making
until the stars above their light stop sending.

mindbringer, 12 April 2017

Nisa Golden Light

Nisa, you look so fine lying in the morning light,
soaking in golden rays of sun on sands of white.
Others look twice and then again to believe the sight!
Along with Mother Nature, you are all that is right
with these Islands, a new life after the long night.
And I?  Your beauty takes from me all my might...

mindbringer, 12 April 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Self Destruction

The man woke up as usual at three in the morning.
He opened his first cold beer of the day and,
likewise, lit up his first cigarette.  Pure bliss
and still another day to somehow make it through.
He knew for a fact that his late wife waited for him.
Waited for him in Heaven.  Don't worry my Love!,
he thought. I am not long for this world without you.
Still another day of drinking and smoking and eating
what he wanted to, doing what he wanted to, lay before
him.  Was it the Abyss, or was it destiny?  Inevitability?
Time would answer that question.  Relentless, remorseless,
unforgiving Time.  He would make it as easy as possible
for the Fates to deal with him accordingly.  Rather than
the arrows of Love that used to pierce his heart, mighty
Zeus now threw lightning bolts through it.  The sound of
his Thunder echoed through his Soul.  No longer embracing
Life, he eschewed it whenever possible.  Looking forward
to sunsets rather than risings, to Winter's cold fingers
rather than Spring's rebornings.  Mournings, not Mornings...

mindbringer, 12 January 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Heaven On Earth

From far skies, your long hair falls to the Earth like meteorites ablaze,
their glorious descent attracting the gaze of all those who dream.
Dream of Love incarnate, that maybe, just maybe, one being of Creation
is worthy to contain the Light of Heaven in her deep, dark, piercing eyes.

For all eternity, the entire Cosmos is in rapture, turning nights into days!
All else throughout the long ages of History, has seemed but some scheme,
when compared to the inspiring essence and fiery heat of your being.  Elation
is but the first effect of the true Love melting between your golden thighs.

I am chief amongst the Dreamers.  Those whose dreams are like the Sun's rays.
Beaming outwards into the entire universe, seeking always that greatest Theme.
The Theme of Love.  Of Love eternal, both ideal and real.  Pouring out libations
of loving kindness upon the World, in return for causing in you Pleasure's sighs.

mindbringer, 6 January 2017

The Light Of Eternal Love

You hold my Soul, cupped like starlight in your soft hands.
Eyes that go on forever shift towards the light like desert sands.
Seeing me there in the light, you join with me as One in bliss.
Our love that has grown with every passing moment, our kiss
that has lasted since the beginning of time, must needs melt
and bind together.  The intertwining of our heart strings, felt
rather than seen, sends our uncontainable Love, shining forever
like the fullness of the Moon, revealed to all and ending never.

mindbringer, 6 January 2017