Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stalk Musings


I ended up a stalk one night.
A stalk of beans you see
How I did, I do not know
Unless of course in dreams.

Stalked by beans? Beyond their means.
By harps that sing and talk?
The best of beans you see
Can talk to thee in dreams it seems.

What are those shattering thumps come hence?
Footfalls shaking, breaking the foundations of earth!
Atlasian pillars upon which yon castle leans,
in whose nests lie golden gosling eggs,
protect me from my stalking dreams!

My dreams of beans, best beans you see
Those laced with fine leavings of fantasy.
Floating thus in tea's last dregs,
and making less and less of sense,
I fight old giants for all I'm worth,

I stalked them back with all my might,
and ere the dawn of new day rose,
I woke up from my midnight doze
and saw not one but two cows close
with cackling geese about me pose
and forgotten harp of gold
on which I've played such songs of old.

mindbringer, 10 September 2009
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