Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joy Too Old


How silent is this spawnless, unending time before the breaking light does come...

Come to me sweetly, as does the dawn!
Swiftly, as darkness yields to light!
Run forth from the terrors of night.
Now far behind you, now gone.

Becoming day, you pause with I to play in fields of golden rules
and drink from draughts of wisdom's ration.
Beaming we as one bright ray, oe'r river bars
and glens we go, gazing thru green gaps of tree,
we turn with hopeful wishful yearning
past cities, towns and countries burning
and spy on high with warming passion
life's giving orb that shined forth thee,
that crowned us both in heaven's jewels.

A new day's chance again is given!
And though man's hopes and joys, like geese,
by v-shaped spears of hate were riven,
As I, Compassion, rise, so thee do, Peace.

We offer all on bended knee
the rings of Saturn, the moats of Mars.

The joy of old - and this - I wish thee:
know you now that I and we and all are one.

mindbringer, 12 January 2010