Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Dreams


On the third day of Winter
I had three dreams (as I remember).
It was late in 1993
when I plainly saw before me and thee:

Three knighted dogs,
Three candybars with swords.
Three wise men on three camels rode
while thrice three times the bell did toll.
And, under a pear tree, three hens of France
frolicked in the spring.

In seed-strown dirt they did their dance
while three farmers tales were told.
They watched three clouds in twisted fury roll.
Then three barn boards
and three house logs,
these three storms did splinter.

Three ships with sails go by,
Three Gods in One, the Trinity,
Three faiths at war near Galilee.
Three spirits visit on Christ's Mass night
the last gave no comfort thee -
but one:
To start again ere dawn is nigh
and make men glad with all your might!

Three horsemen of Apocalypse,
three clovers petaled three,
three witches passed one eye around,
three Harpies plucked out two.
Three times now dark as Sun's eclipse,
those three ships tossed and flung by sea,
in blindness did they run aground.

Three times I screamed
and woke in sweat, chilled.
Had I dreamed?
And so, it seemed,
had thee and she.
For while my cheek warmed above thy knee
our demons all were killed -
by we -
entwined as lovers three.

mindbringer, 15 June 2010