Thursday, September 2, 2010

Worth The Wait


Come to me gently,
like a cat's paw.
Come to me quietly
in this endless night.
In the dark, come to me!
We will drink each other's eyes,
taste each other's thighs,
hear each other's cries,
feel the heat of each other's love!

Come stealthily to me.
lest others follow thee.
Steal away like the end of the day.
Cover me in your warm night's cloak.
Drown me in love, in love let us soak!
Bathe me in your words of love,
I want to hear all that you say.

Come to me slowly, let me savor the wait.
My love, like two tapers are we
burning side by side
when at the end form one united pool.

Breathe me in and hold me.
Sail me like you would the wine-dark sea!
I've waited for thee through all eternity,
I can wait a few seconds more...
Come to me, come soon through my door!

No, come to me quickly,
Come to me now!
Light our fuses of love!
Blow apart our heart,
I can wait no longer!
This play still at its start
while I am at my end.

mindbringer, 31 August 2010