Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Turning slowly you begin to sing.
Earthly paradise vibrates in you,
Every movement serving to beguile!
Lips like pillows smile,
Eyes green as spring.
Green eyes of dew!
Hair as red as Betelgeuse,
Red hair long and loose.

My heart takes wing,
flies oe'r your cello curves.
All I see now is everything!
That which has never been seen before,
is much more than man deserves.
Much more!

At the end of night,
The harbinger of morning crows to his delight.
Breath takes flight, gone too my sight!

Thighs soft as silk,
breasts firm with milk,
belly round with life unborn.
The campfire's glow
accentuates your show.

Goddess, you will give birth to our universe!

mindbringer, 13 October 2010