Friday, December 31, 2010

Far and Away


Far away church steeple
looks down on people, small people,
each homeward bound from their Christmas journeys.
Distant sleighs put their riders at ease.
Skaters on frozen ponds spin round and round.
All so far away that there is no sound,
save the whispering winds
and the powdery snow it sends.

This winter scene calms my soul
as do those falling flakes of gentle snow.
A valley with a small town, as if in a bowl,
sleepily at rest since, wisely, they know
that they are in a place of which many a heart dreams,
Currier and Ives dreams, visions it seems,
a small part of what Heaven may be.

All far and away from me,
here on my hill next to the gray sea,
fully present in this dream moment I
as this day's sweet evening grows nigh.

mindbringer, 30 December 2010