Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pond Library


The ducks take flight all at once,
circling overhead to join the flock of gulls
already there. You can hear the roar of their wings,
the mix of quacking and gull sounds.
They quickly gain altitude and form their Vee,
but this was not all today I'd see.

From the mist a slender neck arose.
It gradually grew in length,
and turned into pure gracefullness.
Long legs took slow steps
looking for fish,its head cranes.
Blue Heron shimmering in the gentle rains.

Knifing into the still waters,
the Fisher speared his prey
amongst the cat-like tails
and many-colored daffodils.
Perched like King upon his log,
he ate his catch in thinning fog.

The sun, still low but, oh, so bright,
began to burn off morning's dew,
revealing a slithering Garter Snake
and Lilly Pads upon the lake.

Green pond scum parted way
for paddling, honking Canada Geese.
The purple, red and yellow Irises
lent their optimism
to a young Racoon parting the willows
and springing forth in masked delight
as he left behind the quiet night.

Frivolous like children,
the Dragonflies danced
their ancient rituals.
Red-winged Blackbirds darted 'round
amongst the blue-black Gackles
who dropped from branch to branch
cackling at one another
like old mother hens.
Crows chased after each other
from tree to tree
in the midst of sculptures of metal and stone.
These volumes are free, I do not own.

But others I do.

Hot brass of the incense burner
setting atop its padded cloth,
protector of finishes, amidst
books that spill down silent shelves
and plants bent over from ceiling's limit,
greet me upon my return from Bensons Pond.
On me the similarity had never dawned.

I put down my camera and take off my boots
and wonder at the sights I'd seen and see.
Pond and library so full of life,
both in the now and from the past.
The volumes greet me like an old lost friend
as my outward journey comes to an end.

Nevermore would I go forth
without the knowlede found in books
so at the pond or in the wilds
I know the names of what I see
their habits and their history.

mindbringer, 31 December 2010