Monday, October 31, 2011

Ancient Dreams


In ancient days, in lands far flung,
great tales were told and songs were sung.
Of hereoes strong and tall
and ladies fair and bold.

An age of dragons and kings
and magical rings.
When good men by their might
sought to do what was right.

Amongst these was the lowly poet.
It was by his mighty quill
these heroic tales were wrought.
He who laid down the lays of old,
who put down lines and rhymes
and brought to us these ancient times.

A world now removed from thought
but then real as the men whou fought.
From castles and by moated wall
many a brave knight would fall
and leave his family alone.
Alone to weep and to moan
o'er sweet memories sewn
and of lives undone.

Though the battle was won,
many a dream was broken and lost
and at such a high and bloody cost!

For us here in modern times,
snug in safe beds and homes,
having read the ancient tomes
of battles and lives long since past;
for us we have dreamt
that their memories might last.
Last into a future far from
olden times and hero rhymes,
far from dragons and of kings
and golden magic rings.

mindbringer, 30 October 2011