Monday, February 13, 2012


The ebb and flow of springs,
govern the nature of my dreams.
In and out of them I go,
my mind a great cosmic yo-yo!
As the universe expands and contracts,
and the stars surge to and fro,
I'm tossed about on pulsing sea
(the shifting winds ignore my tacks!);
and find myself on unknown sand
carried here by waves and moon-drawn tides
from that reef on which the siren sings.
Sang or wailed, I know not which;
first high then low; now, every pitch.
Into my see-sawing thoughts she inserts herself,                                               
as nights and days pass o'er this land.                                                
Am I this man whose feet I see?
Or is it that I'm all that surrouds me?
The joining of silence and cacophony.

mindbringer, 12 February 2012