Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Autumn's Spring

There, across from me, just over the fence, were two trees.
Dying, they were living as never before.
Golden, shining, quaking they shown forth much more than the glory of their past.
I turned my head and there, in front of me by but only a few feet, was God!
I have no other words for it.
I suddenly felt myself sucked in as though my entire life was being reviewed
in an instant.  From beginning to end.  Then, just as suddenly, it was all shoved
back into me.  But, not in the same way as it was in the past.  The things that weren't
in the forefront of my thought now became foremost.  From beginning to end, I was
now radically different.  Better somehow.  Glorious even.  Shining forth it seemed!
Was it indeed God or was it just a peak experience?  A religious enlightenment?
Or was it actually the real me, the me that always lay just under the surface, like a
shadow, finally recognized Pan-like.  The word "just" doesn't really apply hear...
I now stepped out in baby steps, a new-born man.  New in all the important
ways.  A sheer cacophony of sounds suddenly flooded my infant ears.  Birds
chirping by the hundreds.  Crickets cricketing.  Leaves falling and hitting the ground
with thunderous thumps.  It was if I had stepped out of a semi-impervious shell.
A prison forever left behind.  Into the blinding light of Autumn I moved, never to
turn back.  And the world, all of Nature, moved with me.

mindbringer, 17 April 2012