Sunday, September 30, 2012

Attentive Tranquility

The distant tepee rose up from midground mists,
revealing the majesty of towering mountain background.
If their occupants could speak, they would be drowned out
anyway by the crashing, rushing waterfall nearby;
all under a cloud-puffed and early morning sky.
If there was wind, the floating seeds would be blown 'round
amongst the Englemann spruce and tall Ponderosa pine.
In the foreground, a magnificent elk bugles his simple line.
Lines evolved over the long passage of time
expressing possessive longing for his growing harem.
In the air he juts his snout,
towards our eyes he shouts silently his ancient rhyme
as females in stately manner come together near him
under the searching flight of Steller Jays.
The so still as to be nearly absent lake
beckons one and all to dip their toes
in the snow-chilled cold waters
below the low-angled Sun's revealing rays.
Chipmunks abound on rock and limb
causing detailed branches to bend and shake.
The many trees climb up the foothills in rows
while adding color to the tranquil pallet.
Natives attend their camp with axe and mallet
while their wives and daughters
gather plants and bring in fish.
A scene this is to make you wish
that Bierstadt's creation was real
and his nature was here to feel.

mindbringer, 29 September 2012