Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Noon

The snow falls straight down
and fast.
It is the kind that thrills
but will not last.

Just a few degrees from rain
it pitter patters against
the glass pane
of the sliding doors
and the metal chimney
of my fireplace.

Off the roof the debris is rinsed
as the snow continuously pours.
The birds would feed if only
I had remembered to replace
their food.

It is good
this fast snow
that grows thicker
and heavier
by the minute.

Good for my senses
as it collects on the fences.
Good for my mood
as it covers the hood
of my disappearing car.

Disappearing in the snow
when only an hour ago
it was still far
away and only hinting
of its impending whitening
of my yard.

Yes, the snow is falling fast
and straight down.
It is the kind that will not last
but is thrilling.

And rather chilling...

As I reach for my robe
amidst the waves of Christmas music
and the sights of porcelain
Christmas village, lights ablaze
arguing with the fire
in the old brick fireplace.

Snow that is thick.

And fast.

And straight.

mindbringer, 10 November 2012