Sunday, April 21, 2013


A great emptiness fills my soul like gas in a balloon.
Too much and I will explode!
Just a short while ago I was driving down the road
back home from the flight out that happened all too soon.

How did I not forsee these Airport blues?
How did I not realize that these shoes
would soon be filled with one sad bunny.
One who misses and loves his honey.

Leaving his better half behind,
as she journeys overseas to the Philippines,
not quite realizing what it all means.
The quiet solitude of the house will remind

him of all that he had
so that he will value it all the more
upon her return.
So, feeling bad
and feeling poor behind this lonesome door
will eventually take a turn

for the better.

Now, should I write a letter?

mindbringer, 20 April 2013