Friday, May 10, 2013


Rain falling down but not as heavy as threatened.
The grass turning green so fast
from being so constantly wettened
and now that Spring has definitely arrived, will last
until the dry days of Summer come.
(Not too soon for some!)

The dark grey skies over the mountains to the West
were forboding for a while.
The clouds had gathered up in a great pile
so odd-looking as to make one think it was some cosmic jest.
But they soon melted away and blended into the rest.

A mixture of white and various shades of grey,
light and dark, soft yet stark,
the clouds reared ugly but beautiful heads
above their cousin's shoulders.
They were doomed to not be able to stay
as the sun set brought on the dark.
The sky became full of purples and reds
reflecting on the foothills and their boulders.

A monument to change.

mindbringer, 9 May 2013