Tuesday, June 11, 2013

After The End

Long black hair, no longer attached, lay at the foot of the makeshift shrine
like a forgotten twist of memories,  a braided rope stuck in the past.
The pain of loss lies heavy still deep down inside, long past the stage where I whine
myself to sleep. So visceral that such suffering could never last.

Found myself wandering around the now empty house. Just pacing really.
Not actually going anywhere as there was no longer any place worth going to.
Getting there would result in the same question:  why am I here silly?
Came there to get away from things, but there never seems to be anything to do.

Blank stares from the children burn holes through my already shredded heart.
For their sakes alone, if not for any other reason, must I try to make a new start.

But, she was the one who rescued me from the dark side
and that kept me from falling back into it.  Down that long sad slide.

The abyss opens its dark, ugly maw behind me.
Can't you see?
The urge to step backwards is overpowering...

mindbringer, 10 June 2013