Monday, July 15, 2013

It's in The Air

The drab wallpaper hugged the walls
like that of some bad hotel room.
A painting that normally would not be too bad had begun curling at the corners.
One could hear off in the distance the rhythmic boom
of some construction work.
Here, your sleep was often interupted by the incessant activities of nurses
as they scurried about taking "vitals" and dispensing medicines
in their vain attempt to ward off the inevitable presence of coroners.
You, having stood the vigil for five days and five nights felt like some jerk
due to the fact you could do absolutely nothing about the prognosis.
You could only try to stay strong for her and not break down into tears and curses.
Doctors would wander in and give seemingly worse news followed by even worse news.
There could be no avoidance of it as you continued to sink down with a bad case of the blues.
The patient's sleepiness brought on by strong narcotic pain killers was contagious.
The way she got this disease, having never smoked, was nothing short of outrageous.
The environment they said.
The environment!

So, for all you naysayers out there, look to your own health!
There is no escape from our environment.  It is what you breathe.
And no amount of aloofness, no amount of wealth
can save you from what is in the air.
It may not be fair,
but you too may soon find yourself with nothing else to do but grieve.

mindbringer, 14 July 2013