Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Thumping bass lines vibrated the wooden floor under his feet.
A simple but deep rhythm that pulsed several notes before it would repeat
over and over again the simple beat.
Simple but clean, refreshing and neat.
After a while, one's whole body shook to the rhythm written down on the sheet.

The force behind the big speakers drove the air out into the room
where it cascaded down the various hard surfaces like they were a flume.
First reflected, then refracted, then absorbed.  Don't ever assume
where the flow of the deep bass will take you next.  The boom
of the bottom frequencies will take you deeper in life, nearly down to your doom!

Laying down on the floor is the wildest experience to be had in this realm of pound
where the low bass waves surge across the floor lifing your body up off the ground
and spinning your deadened limbs and numb mind 'round and 'round.
Later that day, your friends and family would gather where you were found
the victim of becoming over-woofed, having absorbed the surrounding wall of sound.

mindbringer, 28 October 2013