Monday, March 10, 2014

Abiding Love

If you see my love go riding by,
check if her hair still tumbles down
all across her back and over her thigh.
falling towards the ground, roun' and roun'.

Check to see if her lips so full and plumped,
are still red like the juice of pomegranates,
Warning! They will floor you; you will be stumped -
unable to comprehend such beauty amongst the planets.

Look for her eyes, but do not look in them.
For if you do so you will be lost forever.
Deep large bright pools like some endless gem
will suck you in despite your strongest endeavour.

Her delicate ears, so small but replete
with God's perfect and loving design
give her precious, pretty face the complete
gift of beauty; like the Valley of the Rhine.

If you can absorb the brightness of her smile,
look at it if you dare, if you will,
but do so only for the shortest while.
To do so longer would cause you blindness still.

Follow the lines of her arching neck
down to the wondrous curves of her collar bone.
The swelling of her breast can be seen to break
away from her other features, your eyes it will own.

Her breasts now will cause you to avert your gaze
as it would seem impossible for such perfection to exist
and your eyes will fill up with tears, seeing through the haze
of her glory, the protrusion of her nipples in their midst.

Averting your gaze your sight lands on her hips and on her thighs.
Here, the cradle of life itself is presented boldly, brilliantly.
You are mystified by all the ins and outs, the hows and whys.
You can only imagine and surmise what lies beneath so resiliently.

Her long legs leading to small decorated feet
cause anyone with any life in them
to lose a night tossing and turning, so neat
are they, such a wonderful end on a whim.

So, if you see my lady go riding nigh,
she that is described so poorly above,
know you that she is my life, my wife by
God's law and in his sight we are in love.

He created our love at the beginning of time
and saw that it was good and blessed it then and there.
So sweet destiny it was that brought us together in rhyme.
He gave her the beauty of soul and the length of her hair.

Down through the long historical ages we sought each other out.
We found each other just last year and, as kind destiny requires,
fell quickly in love and became engaged, letting the world know with a shout!
"They are in love and will be married forever!", sang all the angel's choirs.

To this day, we roam over the lands of the Earth, telling our story
to all who would hear, who would listen, so that they too
may follow their own destinies, giving God the credit and glory.
and fall as deeply, intimately in love as we the blessed two.

mindbringer, 9 March 2014