Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Genius

Cattails glowing from the low angle of the setting sun,
ducks splashing near their nests under flowering trees
lent their idyllic scenes to my early Springtime eyes.
Here around the greening rush-laden pond all seemed as one.
Clouds of midges and the working flights of honey bees
made me first wonder but then suddenly, startlingly realize
that all of Nature was renewing itself and having fun,
trying each to out do the other in the season's light breeze.
Nature on display showed She had been around and was very wise!

Around the lively pond were many works of art and sculptures.
These served to attract us humans to Nature's underlying park
to bask and soak in the fine Spring weather and beautiful sights.
There were Ducks, Geese, Blue Heron, King Fishers, and even vultures!
Especially at this evening hour when bright blue skies turned dark.
Here around the peaceful pond there were no glaring man-made lights.
Breathing in the fragrant scent of the purple-flowered lilac features,
I turned inwards upon myself and took pen to paper to see what stark
verses I could invent inspired by the silence of several sky-born kites.

I paused amongst the many-splendored and astounding sense-arousing views
and sought mightily (but uselessly) to take all of the colorful space in.
But no matter how much I tried, no matter how many wishes I made in vain
the impending night crawled ever closer and deeper like some bad news.
I was forced to give up my reverie and head for my home just down the glen.
And then to make my journey away from the park more urgent it began to rain!
I decided to revel in the sudden April showers and knelt to take off my shoes.
Arriving home at last I took off my wet clothes and made my way to my warm den.
Tomorrow I would wake up early and head for Spring incarnate down my quiet lane.

mindbringer, 8 April 2015