Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meditation On The Soul

Your love is like warm, heavy drops of rain upon my upturned face,
the Sun baking it further, caressing it gently with its many rays.
Rays of light, rays so bright, rays so precious to our sight.
Rays of hope, hope that lives on the end of them like soap on a rope.
The Sun's intricacies forever lost in the blast furnace of its soul.
At the Sun's very center lies its source, its love-generating heat
releasing upon itself in endless cycles of metamorphosis and change.
The full range of its strange days repeat over and over again and again
never ceasing to amaze us, always seeking to win again and again.
Having always won, the Sun rays explode into energy, healing at once
but harmful in excess.  Unlike your love which always renews, always frees
itself anew, hence belying the thinking of our minds for all time, minds
that have tried to limit the Sun, that harbinger of nature's eternal Spring.
Taking flight upon golden wing, the Sun circles 'round its annual course
bringing life to all it shines upon wherever that may be, fine and coarse,
wave and particle, it seems to really be there, although it is not certain.
There is only one thing certain in all of Nature and that is your love for me.
My darling you are the soul of my life, the love of my life, my wife, my end
of all end-seeking rays of light and energy through which the Sun powers worlds.
Our worlds intersect my love and feed off of each other gaining nourishment from
the Sun. The soul of the Sun burns brightly in our souls and briefly flares
upon that which we had so often taken for granted.  Soul upon soul, power that
creates and maintains the flowers.  How sweet-scented the hours we live in...

mindbringer, 18 April 2015