Monday, August 10, 2015

You Are My Dream

I always am dreaming of you my love!
laying under the stars up above,
which, by shining upon my open heart
gives our love such a new exciting start!

Our love cannot be truly measured,
it can only be fully treasured!
Someday we will be together again
and on that day our love will win!

Having looked deep into your eyes,
I remember the warmth of your thighs.
I have missed you my love all this week
and I always remember the words you speak.

You told me over and over how you love me.
And I let you know how I felt, how I see
that you are full of love and dreams
beyond all of life's trials and schemes.

Our love will always win in the end.
And to you my heart I will try to send.
So that in your dreams you will think of me
and together we will build our family.

Forever dreaming of you and I
we will love each other until we die.
And stories will be told of our love
until we come down from up above.

And enter the dreams of those on Earth
who may have loved each other since birth.
They will see our love and be inspired!
Dreaming of each other until they are tired.

Love is what makes the world go around
and there is nothing like its sound
to get one thinking and feeling new
about their love that grew and grew.

mindbringer, 10 August 2015