Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Noise Of Love

(a comedy)

My love for you it knows no bounds!
To be with you I'd fight off hounds!
Then together we'd make the rounds
and wake people with our love sounds!

So much noise we'd together generate
as I would try and try to penetrate.
The noise levels we would perpetuate
lasting forever in the annals of Lovegate.

Lovegate, the story of our passion,
never quite goes out of fashion.
Our love we would every day try to ration
making it available to the rest of the nation.

Our voices would be hoarse from all the screaming
even when we are asleep and thought to be dreaming.
But, even then, I would be planning and scheming
to make love to you so much you'd be beaming.

Noise, noise the magical love fruit,
the more you make the more your repute
goes down in history worthy of salute.
Proudly I am not one to ever dilute.

No, in fact, I seek an increase in noise.
Perhaps it is time to break out the toys!
But you know me, boys will be boys,
and I will show you all lovemaking's joys.

mindbringer, 8 September 2015