Monday, November 30, 2015


Hair flowing like a river of ebony,
breasts bobbing like floating nests,
each containing pure quiet ecstasy.
Musically they are the unexpected rests
which punctuate the score's body.
Her overall shape as a treble cleff tests
the mettle of all men who see her lovely
hips as they meet thighs in spell casts
as magic in their juncture of steamy
closeness cloaked in all their bests.
To sing her is as making gold from alchemy!
The riches rewarded unto men cause chests
to heave and minds to soar with the possibility
that all of the universe, all of heaven jests
as if the greatest joke was here before thee.
A joke in that before her all life crests
and then ebbs into the wine-dark tides of the sea.

mindbringer, 29 November 2015