Friday, November 13, 2015

Two Years And Counting

Has it really been two years already since we met?
Under mid-November skies, how could I forget?
Your beauty and self-confidence oozed from every pore.
All I could think of was how I wanted nothing more.
Within days of our meeting, I asked you to marry me!
You said yes and nothing since filled me with such glee!
Now very soon we will be living together forever and ever.
It is all due to an all-powerful and knowing God, clever
in his designs for us, he put us on the path of matrimony.
Nothing about our relationship is even remotely phony.
My love for you runs fast as the rivers and as deep as the sea!
Higher than the highest mountains, wider than the widest prairie!
I will love you far beyond the days of my agedness and after I die.
My love will rain down on you like the happiness of roses in the sky!
Why?  Because our love has been ordained and foreseen by all the angels
since the beginning of time, the start of history, there in the stables.
Under that wandering star we too had our birth, here on the Earth
but blessed by the Heavens.  Your sweetness for all it is worth
given to me freely and without reservation.  I love you my darling wife!
I love you now, I loved you then, and I will love you for all of my life.

mindbringer, 13 November 2015
(on the occasion of Irene and I's Second Anniversary)