Saturday, December 12, 2015

Descent Decision

The fissure ran straight down,
even seeming to go round and round
spiraling all the way to the ground.
The only person to try such a thing
would be a crazy circus clown.
But this was crazier than any ring.

The climber stopped in his tracks.
He contemplated ending this traverse
and prepared to put it in full reverse.
But the sun was setting in the West
and he had plenty of pitons in his racks.
So, he decided to just think and rest.

Suddenly, he was hit with inspiration!
Why, he could just rappel down the cleft!
His senses, he was quite sure, were bereft
of all feelings and emotions, just stamina
was all he had left.  That and perspiration!
He threw his rope down and peered over in awe.

Four thousand feet down he could see the end.
Of course, his rope was only 150 feet long...
Perhaps this called for a hit from a bong
but, alas, it was not part of his normal gear!
So, he slid down the rope and began to descend.
The rope made it to a ledge and eased his fear.

He stood up and contemplated his next move.
Was he to assume there were ledges all the way?
Plus, he was quickly running out of time this day.
So, he decided to parachute down to the end instead!
He put on his headphones and began to groove.
If this did not work he would be as good as dead.

He checked his gear and chute and then made the leap.
Out in the clear air he soared and fell, he would tell
people later that was the best part.  A hard sell
for those not inclined to parachuting!  Plummeting
down quickly, he pulled the ripcord before he got too deep.
He had not made the top; today was not a day for summiting.

mindbringer, 11 December 2015