Tuesday, December 15, 2015


(Warning:  contains adult content!)

Your brown breasts jutted outwards with eager insistance,
at once filling my sight and occupying my fevered mind.
Your long black hair cascaded to your knees threatening
to obscure one of the erect nipples behind a forest of ebony.
My whole body was aroused and in mute sexual agony.
Your lips pouted and were as full as pomgranates beckoning
me to kiss them without hesitation or permission in kind.
I gazed at your very real visage with a sort of apt reverence.

Oh Irene, your beauty knows no bounds and does astound me!
Deliver your love to me on a golden platter that I may dine
on it forever until the very ends of time!  Cover me with your
kisses so that I may know that you are real and not an angel!
Your eyes so big and bright, reminding me of distant star Rigel.
Let me look at you completely and deeply, taking a sensual tour
of all of you leaving nothing unexplored.  Open the red wine
and pour out a libation to the gods as you stand there by the sea.

I worship you from near and from afar, awestruck each time I see you!
Having now entirely removed your clothes, I am like a poor leper
afraid to touch you or let you see my excitement.  Perfection
will be your epitaph but our love will never die.  Destined always
to be together since the dawn of history, we will make love in ways
not yet known and our passions will rise to the skies with infatuation
as their guide!   I knew as soon as I saw you that you were mine, a keeper.
And now our love grows with each passing moment and is always born anew.

Having finished our lovemaking in the sand, I lay back in pure rapture.
Drained of energy, I gave you my all and in return you held nothing back.
Where did you come from, my love?  From paradise or heaven itself?
Only such an origin as that could suit such a enthralling, ethereal being.
And being with you was as if Beauty herself, the goddess Aphrodite, all-seeing,
had occupied your sweet, soft frame.  Her of infinite Love endowed wealth
of the romantic sort on both of us filling our hearts to the brim without lack
or hesitation.  I gaze deeply into your eyes, letting you my soul to capture.

mindbringer, 14 December 2015