Friday, January 6, 2017

Heaven On Earth

From far skies, your long hair falls to the Earth like meteorites ablaze,
their glorious descent attracting the gaze of all those who dream.
Dream of Love incarnate, that maybe, just maybe, one being of Creation
is worthy to contain the Light of Heaven in her deep, dark, piercing eyes.

For all eternity, the entire Cosmos is in rapture, turning nights into days!
All else throughout the long ages of History, has seemed but some scheme,
when compared to the inspiring essence and fiery heat of your being.  Elation
is but the first effect of the true Love melting between your golden thighs.

I am chief amongst the Dreamers.  Those whose dreams are like the Sun's rays.
Beaming outwards into the entire universe, seeking always that greatest Theme.
The Theme of Love.  Of Love eternal, both ideal and real.  Pouring out libations
of loving kindness upon the World, in return for causing in you Pleasure's sighs.

mindbringer, 6 January 2017