Thursday, October 26, 2017


Naked, you lay on the warm, white
sands of a Philippine beach.  Your
long, hard nipples pointed up at
the cloud-puffed, azure sky with your
legs spread wide open to the sea
breeze.  Your wet lower lips glistened
in the noonday sun as your soft, smooth
skin continued to brown under its rays.
Your mouth was slightly parted, your
sweet lips begging my attention.
Watching you from a few feet away,
I could not help but be drawn to you
as if you were a magnet.  I needed to
touch you.  Now!  As I got close to you,
I became aware that your whole body
was humming like the string of a
freshly plucked Cello, fully in tune
with the Universe.  A touch from me,
and I feared you would explode into a
hundred orgasms.  But, I could not
resist the lure of you.  Naked also, I placed
myself between your open legs and
began to slide my hardness into your
waiting portal of slippery pinkness.
At that instant, you did explode!  As did I!
We melted into each other, becoming
fused together as one soul, one
dream come true as the first day
of Forever ebbed and flowed around us.
Writhing together in harmony with Nature,
the evidence of our love pooled around
our hips slowly soaking into the sand
while the eternal melody of the Sea
sang its songs for you and for me.  We.

mindbringer, 26 October 2017