Monday, March 16, 2015

March Tides

Sharp knives and dull ones flashed up and down
through the thick, sweltering air of early Spring
in the close confines of the halls of the Senate.
Each hitting its mark, each taking its toll upon
their helpless, no longer struggling, target.

All had evil-looking grins on their faces, not a frown
was to be found.  About their shoulders they did fling
their robes to free up their plunging arms so that
each thrust went in and out several times not just one
time as if to make sure their name would not be forgot.

In and out by the tens, nay, by the terrible score
through flesh and blood and even bones they tore
spilling out upon the white sacred Senatorial floor
the resulting blood, bits of flesh and horrid gore.
Their arms so busy as to later leave each one sore.

Until at last, looking askance at his close friend,
who held bloody blade, great and noble Caesar fell.
And with him fell the Roman Republic for as much as
his assailants meant to save it, they destroyed it
with each and every blow.  Empire rushed in that day.

For despite the gladiators protecting each killing fiend,
and the Generals that participated, brave Antony did tell
the angry mobs and loyal soldiers what had happened alas
and they gathered up in arms and set out in hot pursuit
destroying every murderer. Caesar after all had his way.

mindbringer, 15 March 2015


Thursday, March 12, 2015

With The Grace Of God

Like her beauty, love virtually dripped from her.
Oozing from every pore, it wafted across the room
affecting everybody within its spell, flooring them.
For her he would buy jewelry, fragrances and fur.
The love he felt for her was so large that it would loom
over all else and he knew that she also truly loved him.

Having found each other Sixteen months ago quite by accident,
they now were engaged and so in love as to make the world tremble.
Their love was like the ancient myths and stories told to little
ones to show them the true path of their lives and what they meant.
For to be able to follow in their footsteps would nearly resemble
having the most perfect of loves, fully testing their resolve and mettle.

It was to honor the world and the creator that they vowed to always
remain together through the hardest times, always allowing their love to
grow stronger and finer with every breath they took, with every heartbeat.
After all, it was almighty God who had brought them together in his wise ways
knowing that these two creations of his were meant for each other. He who
was all-knowing and all-powerful put these lovers on Earth to joyfully meet.

He gave her great beauty and poise, making her sexually attractive to all
but only available to her chosen mate.  And he was molded and tested through
a first marriage which ended in tragedy but made him strong and ready for her.
After 32 years, he now would be led to the woman of his dreams and quickly fall
for her head over heels.  Together these two would become as one, like the blue
of the sky encompassing all the world.  With him, she had no need to even lure.

He was already hers since the beginning of time!  Taking many paths and sidetracks,
he had led a rough and lustful life. But she becalmed him and brought him succour
and served as his anchor.  Already a mother from a failed first marriage she had also
not yet found her true calling.  Then they two met amidst doubts and claims and attacks
from friends and families but through it all they persevered and walked through the door
of God's forgiveness into his arms and the plans he had laid out for them high and low.

For God knows best and all would not always be ideal as with any couple.  They would have
their little quarrels and misunderstandings.  But there was never any doubt that they would
conquer all of these trials and tribulations and come out the other side all the better for it.
Their love would serve as an example to all of how love should be, how to put it on like a salve
and live by the Golden Rule and keep their marriage vows.  They would live in the fields and wood
of the nearby mountains near the great grey sea and on top of the higest keep the beacon of life lit.

Their duties performed and the light of their love shining forth across the land, they would take repast
and, hand in hand, lead one another down the halls of life as living proof that one plus one equals one.
Every day and every evening they would eagerly consumate their love and bring forth children of their own,
raising them in God's graces and in his sight, falling ever deeper and deeper in love. One that would last
through all of history and into the infinite future of their eternal lives.  This gift from God they had won
through their decency, through their good works, and, believing in him, were the happiest couple ever known.
mindbringer, 13 March 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Amongst Fields of Wonder

Far horizons, distant across the pink and purple plains,
under the shadows of a storm, stricken by violent rains,
showed their beckonings to me like young pubescent girls.
Suddenly, wings flapping through the lake's liquid chemicals,
an Orange-Throated Fleming launched into the gasses of the atmosphere,
that barely breathable mixture of sadness and good cheer,
all under our three Suns having a moment of cosmic clarity
as they melted towards each other in three-part harmony.

Celestial winds blew against the Fleming momentarily impeding his progress.
I observed all of this from my Omni-craft red as the sunrise, but I digress...
You see, I was hunting the Fleming and I was now in reach of him, so close,
that I could see the blue and gold feathers in his wings, a veritable overdose
of color and beauty that made me question for a minute the purpose of my outing.
However, I must feed my family, so I motored the Omni-craft ever closer routing
it in such a manner as to fool the huge bird into thinking I was not interested
even though my every thought was upon him and how to stalk him; I was fully invested.

At last I was close enough to my prey to cast out my truffle-net and snare him,
dragging him down onto the swampy edges of the lake where through thick or thin
I would retrieve him and make sure he was dead and then add him to my collection.
I sent my throg into the chemicals of the swamp to go out in the general direction
and find our trophy.  Soon to be eaten, it was no real trophy but mere food.
Food which was technically illegal to eat or kill, but with that I was in no mood.
Food was becoming so hard to come buy here on Altraxis.  But eat one must,
so I grabbed the rare bird by the neck as my trusty companion upwards did thrust.

The three suns were now as one in the sky, the other two hiding behind the larger red one.
I tried not to stare at the blinding sight, beautiful as it was, for I needed some
acute and accurate sight at the moment as I wrestled with the bird and finally broke
it's beautiful, delicate neck.  The overwhelming silence in the absence of his croak
seemed odd against the background of the Omni-crafts idling engines.  I tossed our
conquest into the box with the other assorted catches then moved the middle power
lever forward to maximum and we lit out of there with all possible speed, leaving
behind any evidence that we had ever been there, the Fleming's mate already grieving.

Fifty chronun leads later we arrived at our home and to my family.  They rushed out
to see me and what I had managed to catch this trip, and had not the slightest doubt
that I was the mightiest hunter this side of Sardonis!  The weight of my catch
had played havoc with my down-draft thrusters and they now needed to have a latch
attached to them to keep them in proper alignment.  After two hours of maintenance
I retired into my abode made of stone and sand from the plain's haggard countenance.
My spouse had already started the skinning and gutting process of early meal preparation
while I with my pipe and Jovian Scotch, throg at my side, both waited in anticipation.

That day had seen us, the throg and I, afoot amongst the Fields of Wonder, in pursuit
of the most beautiful and rarest of prey.  If the Counties found out, I would be resolute
in denying that I had done such a thing, the evidence now slaughtered and safe in our freezer.
I felt some exhaustion from the day's activities, as I was getting older but not yet a geezer.
I found my spouse naked in our floating bed and dove into her like a starving man would!
Some things never changed and we had a wonderful night full of dinner and did what we could
to insure the other was satisfied fully.  My throg standing at the foot of the bed, tongue wagging
and tail thrashing until we were finished.  I rolled over and planned the next day's outing...

mindbringer, 5 March 2015


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Forever His

He awoke to snow.  White and dry.
It filled the valleys to the brim.
Those misty hollows of avarice
now strangely cold and bleak.
He rolled over and there she was!
The most beautiful of God's concoctions.
Still wet from a few hours before
he gently pushed her onto her side
and entered her without hesitation.
The ecstasy, oh the intense pleasure
she could bring him even asleep.
His love for her ran extremely deep
and, although her eyes were not of azure,
he accepted her brownness with no reservation.
Brown sugar as sweet as the rivers are wide.
He remembered carrying her through their door...
She was his for 360 degrees in any direction,
obeying all his commands. It is what she does.
But out of love not fear! She was weak
and shy but no other woman was as amorous
as she was.  Their love would never dim,
never fade and never ever would it die.

mindbringer, 22 February 2015


Friday, December 12, 2014

The Miracle


The smell of thousands of spilled drinks and peanuts permeated
the air about the lone man sitting far down at bar's end.
But he did not notice that or anything else for that matter.
He just kept pounding away the booze as fast as it would come.
Maybe that would kill the pain, the suffering that only he,
and nobody else, was feeling that day and every other day.
Ever since the time he watched his daughter's remains being cremated.
That cold, dreary day when the snow was blown sideways by the wind
and the ice formed on his beard so that he looked mad as a hatter.
He had spent months praying for her recovery but it would have taken some
miracle for that to happen.  With that disease, it would never be.
Sure, there had been expensive treatments and he had tried every way.

But she died nonetheless.  And he had started drinking and never stopped.
He had lost so much weight and was gaunt and thin.  He had committed every sin.
His wife finally left him, drowned in her own sorrows. To mourn separately.
For her it was not drink, but prescription pain pills and weed.  His other seed,
his two older boys, had just seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth.
So, he really had nothing left to live for at all, no reason to continue this life.
He suddenly felt an urge to go pee and vomit at the same time, so he flopped
towards the door of the filthy bathroom and, oblivious, vomited first all over his chin.
He then managed somehow to get his fly open and he took a whiz desperately
as if he had been holding it forever.  Thinking then that maybe he would need
to take a dump as well, he loosened his belt and tried for all he was worth.
But, no such luck.  He stood up quickly and just passed out thinking of his wife.

He woke up some time later to the rattling sounds of his own coughing and hacking.
On the dirty floor he lay.  Then someone knocked on the door, pounded on it loud.
He muttered something and managed to stand up.  He noted a little shrine then there
in a niche in the wall.  The Blessed Virgin was there.  He remembered a little prayer
and said the whole thing, crossing himself.  Then he got the door open and a little
man, the barkeep, rushed by cursing about to piss his pants.  He walked back to his seat
and sat down again, planning to order another drink.  He had stopped long ago with stacking
the empty glasses one in the other and had taken to just drinking with the crowd
when there was one.  But tonight there was only him, the barkeep, and, in a chair
down across from the bar in the corner, a slim beared man that seemed to care
about his appearance.  He was dressed all in white and, strangely, was trying to whittle
a stick into some sort of figurine.  His vision was blurred, but he thought that was neat.

He decided to stumble over to that table where the man in white sat and offer him a drink.
As soon as he stood up, he swore he heard a familiar Christmas carol.  It was Christmas time
after all he remembered.  He looked over at Joe, the barkeep, but Joe was just washing a glass.
Joe had never played music in there ever but usually just had some game on the radio.  No TV.
As he neared the man in white, the music got strangely louder he swore.  He yelled at Joe to
turn that down!  But Joe never even looked up, as if he did not hear him.  He reached the man
and that is when he noticed the music had just as suddenly stopped.  He leaned up against the sink
that was just next to the table and cleared his throat.  But he could say nothing.  All the grime
of the old bar was no where to be found at this table.  It was as if he was being nothing but an ass
as he just sit down uninvited across from the young man.  There was a feeling of insensitivity
that left as fast as it had risen.  He felt weirdly calm, almost at peace.  He asked for two
beers from Joe but still Joe did not even look up.  He was glad he had just gone to the can.

He needed all his faculties now, fleeting though they were.  He seemed to be sobering up quickly.
Looking over at the man, quite the young man actually, he could have sworn he was glowing in the darkened room.  All around the table there was an eerie white light.  He looked straight into the blue eyes of the man and, suddenly, felt drained of all his pain and troubles.  It was as if a burden had been
lifted from his shoulders, a great weight just disappeared.  He cleared his throat again but still
could not speak, so he just crossed himself once more.  At this, the man smiled and reached out to touch him.  At his touch, he was instantly completely sober, something he had not felt for years.  Sickly no more, he sat up straight as an arrow.  Then, the man stood up, and moved his mouth, and harkened him to him with a gentle gesture.  He could hear nothing but what sounded like a choir of angels.  Wise beyond his years the man in his thirties seemed then.  Still glowing, he held out that carving then began to rise into the air!  He took the carving that was offered and watched in amazement as he will now forever more remember.  The man in white looked up as he rose clear
through the roof saying much.

The words seemed to enter his mind not through his ears but through his soul.  There in the place of the man were images of glowing beings, all looking familiar to him somehow.  Then one in particular stepped out towards him.  He fell down to his knees as he recognized his daughter!  She just smiled at him and pointed to the carving he had been holding then she too disappeared along with the others to the glorious sounds of heavenly music.  He looked over at Joe.  Joe had finally finished that glass and was looking agape at his direction, his mouth and features as wide as his own.  Getting up from his knees, he realized he was crying.  Looking down at the carving, he gasped when he realized it was an exact replica of his daughter when she had ran to him with her last dying breaths so many years ago now.  He stared and stared but could not believe it. Shout at them, he thought!  But they were gone and with them all of his problems.  He looked at Joe who was all disjointed and was rushing towards him.  Joe and he embraced and, speechless, he showed Joe the carving.  On these grounds now was the change of a lifetime.  All the burned out lights suddenly came on and shown and he began to miss
the presence of the man in white.  He and Joe looked at each other and each thought the other was dying.

But this was not dying!  It was living as never having lived before!  Joe and he embraced and jumped for joy.For what was it they had seen today?  It could not be explained but it was forever known and engrained in their very souls.  Joe went back over to the bar and systematically, began pouring all the alcohol down the sink.  He walked over to Joe and smiling, waved at him and left the bar never to return again.  He saw Joe though quite often after that down at the local Parish.  Where he now spent all of his time also.  In his pocket always was the carving.  On his knees he prayed and then went up and took Holy Communion.  It was Christmas Eve tonight.  Now, he left the service and, a new man through and through, one that knew his daughter would also enjoy his new outlook on life, walked down the block running into a bunch of carolers who were singing right there on that very spot in front of the old bar where he had come outside of after the visit with the man in sync
with the whole universe.  The man who was one with all of humanity.  Who had saved all of them, even Joe.  He joined with the carolers in singing "Silent Night, Holy Night".  Then, he turned toward the neaby alleyways and vowed he would search them one after the other until he found the love of his life and all would be right.

And he did, and they lived happily ever after until the man in white took them into his loving arms
and sat them at his right side with their daughter...

Joy To The World.

mindbringer, 12 December 2014


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rise Up

An encrusted version of himself
rose out of the barnacle-infested waters
to seek out and lie upon the white-sanded beach.
Hot, it burned his skin but he did not care.
He threw back his now foamy wet hair
and stretched out upon it like a leech.
In the water all afternoon, like otters
he had become one with the sea's wealth.

The sand coated his wetness in crystals of light
and he rolled around and around in it until
not a bare spot anywhere was left uncoated.
The sun glinted off of his encrusted crystal body
blinding the hundreds of side-ways-walking crabs
so that they ended up in little piles and slabs
of crustacean blissful ignorance.  There was a muddy
section of the beach down from where he had floated
that he purposefully avoided as if it would kill
him with its obscurity and make all wrongness right.

This was a day for wrongness to win, to prevail.
It had been days since he last talked to his fiance.
An emptiness had spread from his gut up to his heart
and he was left with a feeling of total loneliness.
Here he was alone now on this beach by the wilderness.
Into the woods he decided to go and see what part
in his lonely life it might play, while the sun's ray
made his new skin covering sparkle and invisibility fail.

If anyone had been there to see, he would have been quite
the sight. A glowing, sparkling, dripping wet creature
of the now setting sun rising up from the beach renewed
and depressed at the same time.  Without his lady by his side
he was lost and so sought refuge in the nearby forest's enveloping
quietude.  There alone with his thoughts and dreams of her, coping
in spite of the difficulties he was faced with. Her big wide
eyes haunted his thoughts, her very long hair he understood
to be his saving grace when it was wrapped around every aperture
of his body.  Her love was his to have with all of his might.

The deeping woodlands surrounded him with their close mustiness.
When breathed in it sent one into ecological and environmental reverie.
Shining bright amongst the darkening trunks and leaf canopies
he reflected the Sun's last efforts until the Moon took over.
Now he was like a beacon in the night, beckoning all to his side.
All the creatures of the night, the flora and fauna, came to ride
upon his beingness (his nothingness gone for a time).  Clover
and ferns, moss and fungi, lichen and squirrels, next to the sea's
crashing waves just a little off past the beach, all hurry
to be by his light.  Thoughts of her expelled all pain and duress.

Suddenly, the inner power of his love of her, his dear nearly wife
struggled to emerge from the crusty shell enveloping him completely
and make itself the focus of his existence again.  Bursting forth
it shattered the crystals, tossed off the barnacles and heated
the thick air surrounding him to the point that evil was defeated
and she strangely appeared floating above him now to the North.
She was the one now all aglow and she beckoned him unconsciously
to reabsorb her into his soul once again and to be a part of his life.

He allowed her spectre to slowly descend and enter his every pore
until he was like a born-again man, agile and capable now, ready
for her body, ready for her love, ready for her overpowering sensuality.
As she reentered his body, a feeling of deep relief and optimism
came over him.  He knew now that soon he would see her again, not a vision
but a real person that he could touch and feel once more.  Reality
inserted itself into his beach-driven altered state and, still unsteady,
he walked up the nearby hill out of the woods like out of a door.

There she was at the summit, waiting for him as naked as he was.
Her long hair blowing sidways with the strong winds, her breasts
calling him near.  Running now he embraced her and they fell entwined
to the Earth, making love as if it was their first time, leaving nothing
undone, nothing unsaid, nothing unfelt.  All emotions were laid bare.
As bare as they were.  Pure unadulterated love emanated from them there
and filled the air with its healing vibrations, then, while not moving
the whole world seemed to rotate beneath them and they would find
that they were finally together again, this time forever.  Nests
emptied out their contents in joyous celebration and applause.

Finished finally, they rose up and, hand-in-hand, they walked nude
down the other side of the hill away from the sea towards the river
where their clothes mysteriously lay as if placed there by some god.
Dressing they watched each other with the hunger of days apart
and vowed then and there to each other that never again would art
paint them into corners of non-togetherness.  They each gave a nod
and made their way towards a dimly lit house as the quirky weather
quickly deteriorated and the moonlit storms gathered in a new mood.

They entered the house and discovered a ready made meal and warm fire
had been made as if specifically for them.  They looked at each other
and suddenly realized this was the place from which they had departed
from each other days ago!  Everything was as they had left it except
the fire was still lit and stoked and the food was still edible and warm.
Not arguing with the situation they found themselves in, the storm
outside now roaring, they sat down at the fully laden table and kept
close to each other as if inseperable.  Here where they had begun, started
upon their seperate journeys and now reunited, they vowed to never
leave each other again and, pinching each other, awoke to Heaven's Choir.

mindbringer, 29 November 2014


Sunday, November 16, 2014


It had been one long crazy up and down year now.
Outside the first snow was falling down sideways
and it was colder than a witch's tit in a steel bra.
He was working on his lighted porcelain Christmas village
and was doing the farm, having placed the last cow.
This was how he had passed several of the last days.
But his thoughts always turned to her without a flaw...
He dreamed of her last night at prom with a corsage!

Of course, they had not even met until well, well after prom...
It was one year ago today that they had accidentally met.
Prom was more than forty years ago for him though much less for her.
Their age difference was the talk of many but did not matter to them.
It was her youth, her incessant beauty, her eyes (those eyes) from
which he drew his strength.  When her long, long hair was let
down nearly to the floor, he would go nuts, maybe run out to get her a fur
or just some white roses (her favorite) and chocolates, all on a whim.

Yes, she had him wrapped around her little finger tighter than a drum
but she did not take advantage of that fact for she loved him as much
as he loved her.  Together, their love had grown to an epic proportion
in a relatively short time.  One year.  On this note, he opened a beer
and toasted to the thin air of her absence, causing consternation in some
and disbelief in others.  Separated by huge distance and time distortion,
their love somehow continued to grow through bad times or good, with no fear.

There was nought to fear for them for they would soon be married for real.
In just a few weeks he would fly to the Philippine Islands and meet her face
to face at long last!  They would almost immediately consumate their love
and live each day and night as if it were their last, holding hands always.
These last few days prior to his plane's departure would often simply feel
unreal, he would be stressed out by the endless wait, as if he were in a race,
a race against time for him and against failed loves for her sent from above
to rescue her man, her Tommy-ko, her asawa.  She loved him in all known ways.

They talked every day and night for hours and hours via Facebook Messenger
and looked at each other in wonder on Skype hearing each other's voices
always as if for the first time.  They exchanged tons of videos and pictures
so that they would not forget each other.  But no matter the length of time
they were separated, they knew in their hearts that they would be together
forever until the end of time.  They knew that God had approved their choices
and had indeed made arrangements for them to meet eons ago, becoming fixtures
in the astrological skies above.  For them, it was without reaon or rhyme.

They mereley knew how they felt and how thier hearts connected one to the other.
Always close, they became ever closer each and every day.  Love grew more strong
with every passing moment.  After their meeting ih person in a few weeks. they
will have solidified their love and made the following re-separation bearable.
Walking down the street, they would attract attention from those who would bother
them and try to break them up.  This they knew was impossible, was very wrong.
They had always been destined for each outher, they knew that there was no way
they would ever leave each other.  So, being as one, they became their own parable.

Happy One-Year anniversary my sweet sweet wife!  I love you and will so forever!

mindbringer, 15 November 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You are beautiful!  Beautiful like the sun setting behind Pali,
beautiful like the blue Hawaiian moon.  Beauty like the first Spring day.
You are my sweet darling wife and I worship your beauty really
and truly and from afar.  Soon, I will see you in a different way.
Up close and personal, your beauty will overwhelm and humble me
and I will be left speechless and without anything coherent to say.
Beauty like yours comes but once in an eon and can never simply be
taken for granted but must be acknowledged by all mankind as a play
of infinite repetition amongst the stars and planets. Naturally.
Yes, your beauty eclipses even that of the most vibrant and life-filled bay
out there on distant, wine-dark seas where love's a never-ending possibility.

mindbringer, 18 Sept 2014


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love Defeats All Enemies

The rooftop turbine stared at the man
through the big hospital room window
like the man was the one that was odd.
But the man was just a man, no less
and no more.  Sure, if he had to guess
the turbine in its lonely plot of sod
had assumed he was old and ready to go
but this was not his intent, not his plan.

The man would live on to fight another day.
A stiff couple of days of anti-biotics had
defeated the serious leg infection and pain
but that was not all that had been at work.
He had got well again not by some mere quirk!
No, there sheltered from the gray days of rain
when everything that happened seemed to be bad
there were other forces and events in full play.

He had a dear loved one that lived very far away.
She had such power over him, such infinite love
for him, that he could feel her presence close by.
Her prayer, her thought, her emotion, her feeling
directed toward him as he lay there under the ceiling
surely had some affect on his health which was why
he loved her so much.  She was his little turtle dove
and they had been married in spirit just the other day.

For ten months they had grown ever deeper in love,
ever closer, ever more caring and knowing of each
other's very soul, that it seemed nigh unimaginable
that they could become even greater in these things.
But this scare caused these two inseparable beings
to realize that what they had was not even tangible
but rather bordered on the mystical; beyond the reach
of mere reality, and had to have been bestowed from above.

Yes, love does conquer all!  All enemies and foes fall slain
at its feet.  The naysayer is left to scratch his shaking head
and wonder how such love is even possible.  He simply does not
understand the workings of divine providence.  The act of God
as funneled through a tiny sweet girl to her loving man, odd
when seen from the outside view but not when they had fought
on all levels to save their love, and in their wedding bed
consumate it with all the blessings deserved by these twain.

Love defeats all its enemies with a hot and withering blast!
With disdain for all non-believers, it marches on side by side
with all lovers and has since time immemorial.  Never tiring,
indefatigable, always protective of those truly in its sway.
Love often defeats death and sickness and sends them on their way
down other paths until some other day dawns, so damned inspiring
it is, causing the lovers to look at each other with eyes of pride
looking at the now that will soon enough be the forgotten past.

mindbringer, 14 September 2014


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Inevitable Forever

Some people have said "Try to live without her!",
as if there was even some kind of an option, a choice.
Her very soul, her being infiltrates me like a whisper
leaving me speechless, without even a voice.

Crippled by love, I limp towards her image like a mirage.
There in front of me but separated by seven thousand miles.
I desire her, need her, want her but am a victim of sabotage.
Lack of options, finances, keep me from kissing her smiles.

So I sit here in my library writing about her unable to touch,
unable to caress, unable to make love to, the heart of my dreams.
She, in the same predicament, does what she can for me, much
like Aphrodite did for all men, she does lots more than it seems.

Marrying me in theory, taking me to be her only love, her only man.
Until we can sign the paperwork, we live our blessed lives as one,
making it each day inevitably together by the grace of God's plan.
When that day comes that we are face-to-face, we will have won.

Victory will be ours!  Our wonderful lives together as one started,
our emotions and desires all satisfied at the same precious time.
We will live and love together until the far end of time, parted
only by death and even then finding each other there in the sublime.

True love is inevitable.  Forever...

mindbringer, 3 September 2014