Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cry, Cry The Gathering Gloom

All together in this shrinking room,
cry, cry the gathering gloom.
Sigh, sigh the end of a lifetime
of memories and endless rhyme.
Of loves won and lost herein,
and thoughts that have led to sin.

Of all those, only one comes to mind.
Why, why did I leave her confined?
My, oh my, she is a sensual feast!
She used all of them to say the least.
Tied and bound, naked as the new night,
she had long ago given up the fight...

I approached her, dull dagger in hand,
No, no I cannot fulfill her demand!
Sing, sing ye angels of near death.
Take from her the last dying breath...
That rasping, grasping last breath of life,
forced from her my wife with rusty knife.

I awoke from the dream, from the sad joke...
Alas, alas my love, err morning has broke,
Please, please show me a sign, a proof of life.
My dearest love, my sweet darling angel-wife.
No blade has shown itself thrust from your breast,
no blood poureth forth from the place that you rest.

Your eyes open and glance around, lighting upon me.
Hark! Hark! They brighten the room, shadows flee!
Haste!  Make haste my love to re-enter my existence.
Come hither quickly and rid this room of pestilence!
All together in this living, breathing room,
laugh, laugh at those gathered at your empty tomb.

mindbringer, 6 October 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Queen Irene

Irene, the queen of my dreams
is also the queen of my waking.
She aleviates all of my aching
and obviates all of my schemes.
Because of her, I am forsaking
all else and loving her it seems
the most, her charms are creams
of the crop of which I am raking.

Her every wish is my command,
every desire I grant her easily,
always pleasing her completely
for she has me fully manned
though my hands are tied neatly,
heart stringed like a rubber band,
waiting on her foot and hand
while my lips touch hers so sweetly.

mindbringer, 3 October 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Good News

I saw you coming from a mile away...
your long hair swaying in the wind
and your unmistakable sexy gait.
I had waited for your return all day.
For I had some news of which to send.
We no longer had to stay put and wait!

Our marriage license had been approved!
We could now be married very, very soon.
Quickly we would be deep into wedded bliss!
All these hurdles were now finally removed.
I think I am so happy, crazy as a loon!
No longer would our lives be hit and miss.

But together as One we would go forward.
Never parted again, but together always!
Our lovemaking would now be non-stop...
and we could make progress finally toward
goals and how to spend the rest of our days.
At night you could now be the one on top.

Your favorite position, I love it too!
Because I can see you so well right there
in front of me, ready in all respects.
You are so beautiful, it is all I can do
to maintain for even a few minutes, your hair
falling down around us, heaven in all aspects.

We cuddle always afterwards in each others arms.
Our legs entwined, we doze off only to awake
later and do it all again!  Insatiable we are,
oblivious to all that is negative or that harms.
Here at our humble abode on the seaside lake,
we attract visitors from near and from far.

They come from miles around to see the pair
that is the talk of the town.  An American guy
and a lovely Filipina gal, so very much in love.
Finding each other randomly, and then falling
quickly in love, you here and I over there.
How do these things happen, no body knows why!
God ordained it, has sent down upon us his dove.

At last you reach me and I gather you to me
and tell you the good news.  Your eyes light up
and your smile gets so big.  We kiss under
the late-day Sun, and walk together by the sea
towards the resort where we can relax and sup.
Our lives are now filled with joy and wonder!

We talk to the resort staff to plan our feast.
The feast that will follow our wedding day.
We'll stay here with guests for two days or three.
And have a blast here by the sea!  The least
of our worries will be how to make our way
from these days forward, together just you and me.

mindbringer, 19 September 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Through The Fire

I love you like the setting sun loves those last hills in the fading west,
breaking up the clouds into shades of pink and purple and brilliant gold.
I love you like the baby birds love to leave the comforts of the nest
and fly away into the sky free as the wind into the upper levels of cold.
I love you so much that I can't imagine ever leaving you who are the best
thing to ever happen to me, that somebody with which I hope to grow very old.
Better than all I have ever had before combined, far better than all the rest.
Our love can never be diminished, can never be traded, never bought and never sold.
We have fought through the fires of trials, but have always passed the test.
It is a love such as ours that tales have been weaved, that stories have been told.
And now here at the end of all things, our love still survives strong and lest
we doubt it to be so, we find ourselves placed by God in the warmth of His eternal fold.

mindbringer, 15 September 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Books, books, those little crooks,
each one worth a thousand looks.
They steal your time then hide in nooks.

mindbringer, 12 September 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015


The trike took her further and further from me.
As I watched her disappear, my heart sank.
Here i was left alone now next to the raging sea.
The endless waves broke on the beach rank after rank.
When would I see her again, my life, my  wife to be?
I was to now sail away from her, here on the bank
of the storm-wrought straits of San Bernardino.  See?
Upon observation, the only way across would be by tank!

I am nothing without her as my broken heart attested.
I fished in my pockets for the money for the ferry fee.
Just feet away from me a thief was caught and arrested.
I covered my money as I handed it over thinking of she
who just had left me standing here. I was one invested
fully in our love affair.  I took out the one key
I had for my luggage lest it become lost. I tested
it then suddenly realized I still had to cross that sea.

The typhoon had come upon us suddenly, sneakily, relentlessy
like a great python chasing its prey across the innocent isles.
I finally realized this ferry was going nowwhere obviously.
Asking for my money to be refunded, I was surrounded by smiles.
Being American, the locals were just plain happy to see me.
Now here I was without a way to Manila and my flight for miles.
Deciding then and there to hell with this I decided to flee
the storm and forget my position at "home" shuffling files.

Instead, I would chase after my rapidly disappearing fiance!
Deciding, I now flagged down a Jeepney which made better speed
and paid the driver extra to drive like the wind on his way.
I had, afterall, every reason to stay with her, a burning need
to be with her and ignore all else in this world on this day.
Coconut palms swaying oddly with the high winds were indeed
threatening to block our way.  We made our way around the bay
and took a short cut he knew of to cut her off from the lead.

There she was I believed, recognizing the trike, and my heart
was happy with the joy of impending reunion. Why had I left at all?
Ignoring the imperative to work, I got off the Jeepney to dart
after her as the trike stopped for even more passengers.  A wall
of rain greeted me and slowed my process but I remembered I was smart
and I took off between the ramshackle houses to reach her or fall.
There she was!  My love, my life, my future wife. Now we would start
our lives together!  Tonight I'd be in her arms and not have to call.

She now saw me approaching from the side and yelled at the driver.
He stopped and she leaped out of the trike racing towards me, tears
streaming still down her face.  Or was it just the rain?  A fiver
I gave him, and gathered her up into my sheltering arms.  All fears
of spending time away from her again evaporated.  We would need a diver
to make it across this swollen stream and stop in a sari sari for some beers.
But some enterprising soul had already built a bridge across the river.
Alone at last, we drank in each other's souls and kissed amongst cheers.

Never again would I leave her.  What was I thinking?  She was my whole life!
Wrapped in my embrace, she was warm and trembling from being soaking wet.
I bought a blanket from the proprietor and pulled it over her, my wife.
Yes, my wife, for we would now be married soon.  Here under a sagging net
I determined that the Philippines would be the site of our wedding.  Rife
with excitement and glee was I, and I told her my plan which then beget
the next chapter in our hectic saga.  The blanket too long, I took my knife
and cut it down to size.  Together forever, this day we would soon forget.

mindbringer, 11 September 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Walk On The Beach

My love for you flows forth like honey from the hive,
flowing down towards a wine-dark sea, barely alive
until it reaches those distant shores and then drinks
in the salt-saturated waters of our love and thinks
that it is a miracle that it has an entire ocean
of love to depend on, lasting lifetimes in motion.
Motion upon the waves of forthrightness, rolling
one by one towards the setting sun, where, strolling,
we two lonely figures walk along the pink sands of
destiny, between the honey and the sea, in love
forever and ever until the ends of ancient time
bring down the curtain of existence on matters sublime.

mindbringer, 10 September 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Noise Of Love

(a comedy)

My love for you it knows no bounds!
To be with you I'd fight off hounds!
Then together we'd make the rounds
and wake people with our love sounds!

So much noise we'd together generate
as I would try and try to penetrate.
The noise levels we would perpetuate
lasting forever in the annals of Lovegate.

Lovegate, the story of our passion,
never quite goes out of fashion.
Our love we would every day try to ration
making it available to the rest of the nation.

Our voices would be hoarse from all the screaming
even when we are asleep and thought to be dreaming.
But, even then, I would be planning and scheming
to make love to you so much you'd be beaming.

Noise, noise the magical love fruit,
the more you make the more your repute
goes down in history worthy of salute.
Proudly I am not one to ever dilute.

No, in fact, I seek an increase in noise.
Perhaps it is time to break out the toys!
But you know me, boys will be boys,
and I will show you all lovemaking's joys.

mindbringer, 8 September 2015

Out Of The Void

Kareen, my sweeteness, I love you like I have never loved before
and always have loved you since the dawn of the ages,
since time began in the quagmire of the forming universe,
our love was there serving God's will and bringing form
to the molten substances of reality.  First there was You and I
and then there were the rest.  God set us on separate paths for
millions of years but now has finally brought us back
together to show the entire world what true love is all about...

mindbringer, 7 September 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Queen Kareen

(a comedy)

She is my Queen, never shall her feet touch the ground,
never will she want for anything in this world or the next.
Able to dance on the head of a pin, she swirls round and round,
and then suddenly stops and pounces down upon me under the pretext
of wanting me to make love to her, yet she makes not a single sound.
She has her way with me and then climbs back upon her pin seemingly vexed.
Of what there is no way of knowing, I pull my hair and upon the floor pound.
But she merely sits up there upon her throne and pulls out her phone sending text.
So, I decide to come up to her instead and commence building a big dirt mound.
See, this pin is no ordinary pin but is twenty feet tall, so she is sexed
and going a little bit nuts up there, far away from being city bound,
she sees me coming up closer and so she waves hands and I am hexed.
I stumble and fumble around now as I look for the lost and found.
Why, I do not know, I am hexed after all, as if I were T-Rexed.
Growing claws I quit the climb and chase after a hound.

mindbringer, 1 September 2015