Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kareen, Kareen

Kareen, Kareen the beautiful, so distant, so far,
your name trips off the lips like honey from a hive.
I know you by your shorter cute nickname, Kar.
For you my love I for many long miles would drive.
Even though just met, God put in heaven our own star!
Under its nightly glow, we become even more alive
and fight our way through dissenting crowds like a war.
To always seek each other in the dark, we lovingly strive.

But it is how we strive in the blazing light of day
that really determines the direction of our longing.
Is it South towards the cold and ice-bound way?
Or is it West towards a fading Sun that is setting?
How about North to the Land of Claus, or so folks say?
No, it is none of these but rather East toward Sun's rising.
In this manner we enter the daily renewal of solar ray
and find ourselves eclipsed by all that is truly living.

They shame us into retrospection and put us in a reverie.
A reverie where all of life lies before us to examine.
Little by little we hold each bit of nature in our memory
and from the old, lonely lady at the door of her small cabin
we receive the blessings of the universe, all of infinity.
Not knowing us, she knew we were in love, and in heaven.
Inviting us in to her inner sanctum, she served us tea
and some sweetened loaves of soft, warm bread that was unleaven.

Was she some sort of priestess to have such entertainment?
Maybe, but we, as we drank in each other's eyes, unknowingly
and unwittingly sprang her trap, finding ourselves in inclement
weather miles from her door where we were before seemingly
none the worse for wear.  But i swear beauty herself in that moment
everlasting, descended upon your moon-lit thighs and guided me
into their sweet embraces, love falling all around us which meant
that we, mere mortals, had been shown by Gods, the way to harmony.

Harmoniously we played the timeless tunes of a nascent universe
upon our weathered brows, stopping only for a random kiss
sealed with lips of shining pulchritude.  Suddenly the multiverse
sprang forth from Nothing and showered us with endless bliss!
We found our naked selves afloat in the sea, blindly perverse
in its awkwardness, yet instilling in us great respect and happiness.
Together we swam toward a distant shore, unable to stop or reverse
Nature's evolving plan for us and falling ever more into Love's embrace.

Making it at last to the pink-sanded beach we caught our breath
and then stood facing each other like new-born babes absent our clothing.
Embracing each other in the ocean breezes we discovered underneath
a blazing, golden Sun each curve of skin, each fiber awakening
inside us the most intense of loves and a passion was born therewith.
A passion made in heaven for us to share in. then so real and loving
we lay down beside each other in a sheltered area just the right width.
and there we made love over and over while the new day kept on dawning.

mindbringer, 29 August 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Distant Shores

My love for you washes over me like the waves
of the sea upon the sands of a distant shore.
There I surrender to it under the Sun's rays
and bask in endless urging to look for more.

Your love for me comes across the miles seeking
always to embed itself in my desperate soul.
For my beating heart your love stops its leaking
and patches all the damage done to its big hole.

You fulfill our mutual destinies simultaneously!
Now that the big hole in my heart is finally gone
you fill up my empty body cavity as if endlessly.
We are now together forever, at last we are one.

Together we walk the sandy shore's pure white beach
and hand in hand we endeavor to never part again.
Sealed by fate and the Hand of God, we finally reach
that sheltered cove, and the sky looses a gentle rain.

Dry as tinder we sit by a smoldering pit fire,
and warm ourselves against the endless downpour.
We talk and talk and make love, we never tire.
Before us has opened new vistas; open is the door.

mindbringer, 25 August 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Remy and Irene

Tears flowing like wine down my throat,
memories launching forth like a boat.
I looked in vain for my departed wife,
whom without I have hardly any life.
Her laughter, her joy, her ready smile
for which I would walk many a mile.
Has left me forever devoid of happiness,
living day to day in stark sadness.

Who can rescue me from these dire straits?
Is there anybody out there whom for me waits?
Yes, I believe there is at least one soul,
who can fill this place in my heart, this hole.
My now beloved fiance, Irene, can save me thus,
into her willing, loving arms I run in a rush.
She cares for me like my wife once always did
and into her care I submit myself, sadness rid.

Yes, during the moments I am with her, I forget
for a while, the sad and lonely times, the wet
tears dry up and a smile can be seen on my face
that before was dead to look at like outer space.
Irene can not bring Remy back, but she can bring me.
From the night terrors and loneliness I am now free.
And I can look forward to a time when we will be together,
and in her consoling arms I will linger then forever.

mindbringer, 16 August 2015
(my late wife Remy's birthday, she would have been 56)

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Listening to Wagner Overtures I slipped deep within myself,
and to those tunes rose again another person entirely.
I put the 13-record set back once more upon its lofty shelf
and, pointing myself toward yonder towering mountains, fairly
and nobly left the physical confines of my library, self-
aware as never before and headed ever Westward lively
and eagerly seeking that which I had lost as if to some elf
who had infiltrated my sacred abode and given me, warily,
some of his ethereal powers laying dormant as he with stealth
had deposited them far back in the reaches of my mind eerily
and there to wait their awakening by said Master of that wealth
of Art and Music.  Ever on now I trod and once enveloped nearly
completely in the pagan Woods, I breathed in at last my new self.

mindbringer, 13 August 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


His sleeping foretold little deaths by dreaming,
vivid and lucid they were, these visions of the end.
Synonomous with life in the waking world, scheming
to mix up the two dreams and to a sameness send.

mindbringer, 12 August 2015


Oh there is the water cooler!
How could I have missed it?
I would rather drink from the
fountain of your beauty than
have a water cooler appear in
all the desert mirages of our lives.

mindbringer, 12 August 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

You Are My Dream

I always am dreaming of you my love!
laying under the stars up above,
which, by shining upon my open heart
gives our love such a new exciting start!

Our love cannot be truly measured,
it can only be fully treasured!
Someday we will be together again
and on that day our love will win!

Having looked deep into your eyes,
I remember the warmth of your thighs.
I have missed you my love all this week
and I always remember the words you speak.

You told me over and over how you love me.
And I let you know how I felt, how I see
that you are full of love and dreams
beyond all of life's trials and schemes.

Our love will always win in the end.
And to you my heart I will try to send.
So that in your dreams you will think of me
and together we will build our family.

Forever dreaming of you and I
we will love each other until we die.
And stories will be told of our love
until we come down from up above.

And enter the dreams of those on Earth
who may have loved each other since birth.
They will see our love and be inspired!
Dreaming of each other until they are tired.

Love is what makes the world go around
and there is nothing like its sound
to get one thinking and feeling new
about their love that grew and grew.

mindbringer, 10 August 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Wind like a knife
hinders our short life
flounders us it seems
like the end of dreams

mindbringer, 4 August 2015


Uniquely Mine

When she walked she left rainbows behind her.
When she talked all my troubles would disappear.
Evaporate like they were never even there
and I would find myself fully ready to declare
that my love for her was endless and sincere.
And she would shower me with all she could share!
What a beautiful lady, her with the very long hair.
I would hold her and caress her; nothing would deter
me from showing her all the affection I could muster.
For she was the one that had shown me how to care.
All other men were unlucky, I know it is not fair
but I challenge them to find another perfect as her.

mindbringer, 4 August 2015


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Over and over again he played that single note.
Something was just plain wrong with it's sound.
Giving up, he reached over his wife for the remote.
She was a beauty and her stomach now was round.

Round from holding the result of their lovemaking.
Whether boy or girl the child would be their first.
He paused to kiss her and found that she was faking
her sleep.  He asked for beer due to his sudden thirst.

He immediately regretted his request due to her condition.
Standing up quickly he had her sit back down and relax.
Spontaneously, he broke out into a song, an old rendition
that he knew she loved.  He knew now she wanted the facts.

The facts about the impending birth which had been unplanned.
It seemed that the baby was really three babies!  Unexpected,
they would have to plan carefully.  He paused and fanned
her to make her more comfortable.  Abortion they rejected.

They would go through with the difficult and dangerous delivery.
Not only that, they would use the natural method of birthing.
He winced at the thought of the pain she would go through, every
fiber of his being glad but sad for what was now in the offing.

The culmination of their passion and love was there now on display.
The fact of the matter imposed itself on their lives but not
on their love for one another.  Indeed, their love was now way
stronger than ever before!  His tongue was tied, his stomach a knot.

He began to cry just looking at her. His sweet darling angel.
She smiled up at him and opened her arms and embraced him sweetly.
No two people on Earth had ever loved like this!  He would tell
the whole world tomorrow about it on Facebook, tell it completely.

They would now be an instant family of five.  This he was glad of
and would be able to handle it financially.  He was just promoted.
They would make it like they always made it, through their love.
So, he lay his head upon her lap and in doing so felt demoted.

She was his alone and he was now even more proud of her than usual.
Her life was about to change dramatically and they would together
deal with this new future.  He would really have to be on the ball
now at work and at home.  They were connected as if by a tether.

So connected as to never go anywhere without bringing the other.
He would sometimes even go in the restroom with her, take a bath
with her and of course they slept closely together on their fur
blanket on a merely twin-sized bed.  This was their own path.

A path they had chosen years ago while dating.  They knew they had
something special and that they needed to hold on to it and nurture
it, growing it into a loving household for raising chidren in, sad
that their time together was rapidly becoming a whim of nature.

They would be losing the past routine of only themselves in the house.
Now they would have three more mouths to feed and care for completely.
Time together would be rare.  It was as if someone was going to douse
them with Gatorade!  Their lives would no longer be pigeonholed so neatly.

So, he rose from her lap and took her by the hand and led her outside.
There the neighbors greeted them and talked to her in native Tagalog.
He just stood there looking proudly at her and felt torn inside.
Torn because it was going to be new and as the lifting of a fog...

mindbringer, 28 July 2015