Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where Time Went

Where has all the time gone?
Where have all the angels run?
What is this place we have left?
Of all that is earthly now bereft?

'Tis a land now unclaimed and forgotten
where inhabitants once were always besotten.
Now their blank faces upturned asking "why?"
Seeking mere drops of the old magic they'd sigh.

Sighing and soon to be crying nowhere and no place.
Never to have been a part of this proto-human race.
Empty night lands that old stories told us all about
staring us in our faces with their screamless pout.

Cloulds of dust and blood spray mingled with the sparse rain
to form a preternatural sludge of infintie proportion.  Insane!
Crazy geometric shapes replace the sky, tears of diamonds fall.
The entire remnants of time-born society gathered against yon wall.

There to mesh together and procreate a new replacement history
one where time once again ruled and reigned and led in new glory
those that would follow.  But what of those who would not follow?
It was they who lay just insided your imagination; there in that hollow!

So underlying all of the new societal time was the original land of no time.
A land which in it s nearness  caused effects to be felt in the new land of rhyme.
The humanesque lifforms gathered all as one in a group and picked one of them to be leader.
In place of forgotten time, he ruled this one and all others with the iron fist of a Crusader.

So time slipped back across The Last Frontier, the great "wall" at the end of the expanding universe.
What all lay on the other side of the great wall only time would tell.  A task for which he must rehearse.
Now that time was on that side of the great wall and all else was on this side, a great dilemma presented itself.
If time was forever gone what did that mean?  Was there even a forever now, was there a now?  Was there even a self?

mindbringer, 13 August 2014

Nine Months (a tribute to Love)

A love like ours most people would find hard to imagine or to believe,
one would expect it to fade away and then set like the Sun on a midsummer's eve.
The Sun which is always shining somewhere on this rock we call Earth
brings abundant life in all of its myriad glories; for all it is worth.

My vision of you often is one of nature's perfection, of nakedness.
This always leads to seeming insanity, to temporary madness.
I am driven crazy by the sight of your precious and sexy body,
so beautiful and made even more so by your posing so oddly.

We have now been together for nine special, extraordinary months,
nine cycles of that bringer of tides in the night sky ensconced.
Nine months of love every increasing, every evolving, ever growing.
Before time even began our love was put into motion by God all-knowing.

How time flies by when you are as deeply and romantically in love as we are!
The days and nights rush past in a confusion of dreams as if seen from afar.
For we've been separated all this time by seven thousand miles of mountain and sea.
Most would say by that standard alone we should not exist, we should never be.

But be we are and are shall we be...or this one was not born under a chestnut tree.
Our love not only existed, it flourished and has now become part of History.
For upon our unworthy heads did far-seeing God bestow this special place in his story,
this place where two such as us were destined to meet and to forever just be.

mindbringer, 12 August 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moon Trance

Out, you Moon, damn ye!
Shine elsewhere this winter's eve!
Find some other place to be.
Leave me alone to pace and grieve.

Can I not have even this poor night?
Is stark silence your only reply?
Have it without needing to fight?
Alas, all I can do is sigh...

Moonbeams blasting through my senses
like so many deadly cosmic rays.
Here I sit like on so many fences
awaiting you after the long days.

Silent being of crooked brow
send me hints of tides unleashed.
Talk to me then, not now,
your powers by day have ceased.

Night brings you in your fullness.
White bright light your legacy.
Monthly cycles delay your coolness;
belay my last, your glory I now see!

Rising there o'er yonder hill;
clouds impede your progress
but are shone through by your will,
alone which I serve as witness.

mindbringer, 10 August 2014


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Delights Of Unknown Origin

The incense burned thickly on the filing cabinet
where it had been placed into a fancy wooden holder.
Not too close of course to any nearby folder
and far enough away from the fountain to not get wet.
It was always, it seemed, a relatively safe bet
that the smell of the incense got progressively bolder
as you entered into the stream of the smoke's smoulder.
There high up on the furniture where it was set
to stream into my consciousness while I surfed the net.

The Mag Champa scent was of an origin not known by me,
whether it was of nature or of man I knew not.
And even if I once had, by this time I would have forgot.
I pondered upon these weighty thoughts as I got up to see
if the book I just discovered on the world wide web could be
in amongst my library's dusty tomes, that is what I sought
as I wondered amongst the oaken book cases I had bought
decades ago next door to the aptly named "Market Of The Flea".
Then when I saw her portrait, I fell to the ground on one knee.

Brought to my knee by forces inexplicable yet real as daylight.
Her bright smile shining its light down upon me kneeling there in ecstasy!
At that moment time seems to have slowed.  No longer inexorably free,
those things it normally affected changed from wrong to right,
from basic to complex, from coarse to fine, here in this now long night.
This common activity turned into a most wonderful adventure at sea!
The same sea that nearly drowned the now visible flight of a nearby bumble bee.
A curtain of mystery fell gently down like a shroud covering my sight
and making one want to flee down these corridors thick with history's blight.

What strange forces were at work here in my den of learning and where from wrought?
All that had been done that I knew of was that incense had been placed and lit.
Oh, and some herbal substance was smoked what seemed like hours ago in an existential fit.
Over this and slavery and disputes over land or water great wars had been fought!
The Drug War nothing but a new Civil War and its unwilling participants knew not
why they had been chosen to play this great game when they had all rather just sit.
And who was this "chooser" after all, why did he get to stop and quit?
Ah, said I, the "Chooser of Unknown Origin" he was.  Controlling all thought,
all life, all death.  Her portrait fell on my head at that point and I remembered nought.

I stared at the portrait now laying on the floor before me, my head throbbing from the impact.
Such rare beauty as this had deserved such a worthy frame but I now wished I had been less asthetic
and more practical.  Perhaps I would have chosen a lighter frame and risk being called heretic.
I picked up her beautiful face and walked over to one shelf from where I would re-enact
the great battles in my mind.  Gettysburg, Yorktown, Guadalcanal.  One could easily predict
the winners of these make-believe wars, history had proscribed them long ago, given its edict
on how to fight and win.  I placed her portrait there amongst the trophies of Rome sacked,
of Greece at Thermopolye, of Lee's Lieutenants.  Just temporarily while I gathered my senses, racked
my brain for why I was in such a long reverie.  It was her, that was it.  That was the missing fact.

She filled my mind now, my life's force spent on her, on loving her, on knowing her, on her alone.
She was my entire life!  All that I did was for her, of her, around her, about her, in her.
Having met her just 7 months ago, we had fallen deeply in love and that was for damn sure.
I quickly proposed to her and she just as quickly accepted.  The wedding now scheduled, a cone
of silence ringed about the date like it was some National Secret.  Her and I alone did own
each other and all they thought, all they felt, all that was in their loving nature
to experience.  They were separated by immense time and space differences, but rapture
was the word they used to describe their feelings for each other.  True love the thigh bone
of their existence.  Forever they would be together, a love like theirs only God had shown.

mindbringer, 5 August 2014


Friday, August 1, 2014

The Last Tear Unfallen

The thin-colored wine
lay warming unattended
in its crystal glass.
Pink was it nature,
rose its flavor, its taste.

Aquired in order to dine,
drank that troubles be meneded.
However, then alas
I failed to realize the mature
state of my sorrow; gone to waste...

Gone now many of those tears of mine.
Running away from it just made me winded!
I seemed to be such an ass!
I couldn't even use the correct nomenclature.
My sadness was the consistency of paste.

One year ago already, now all seemed fine
but actually my heart was so rended,
my memories turned to ash.
Sweet, endless sorrow has such stature:
its edges still mourning-laced.

Death bent over to sign
my feelings away; unintended
as it was.  Like useless cash,
in pockets it lay.  No rapture
could lessen its haste.

So, victim to it by divine
will no more.  Sadness ended
comparatively, so rash
that it seemed to capture
my feelings in cement encased.

mindbringer, 31 July 2014
(on the occasion of the one year anniversary of my late wife's death...)


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Away Too Long

She had been gone for days.
Typhoon damage was to blame.
Glenda was her name
(the Typhoon's name was so).
Who can understand their random ways?

Me, I just sit here waiting and waiting.
For natures toll to be remedied and finally end.
For my true love, my wife for life,
to come back to me and take out this knife
embedded in my heart and twisting in the wind.
My love for her is so deep, that there is no debating.

My every breath aches for her presence.
I love her so very much!
This separation, unplanned and unwanted,
serves to strengthen our love, undaunted
we would live for the day such
that I will shower her with presents.

We had sworn our wedding vows before God on high.
Several times!
We never tire of doing so, to show our love
for each other; our gift from up above.
These poor rhymes
seem to show what but cannot tell why.

Why is unfathomable.  Inexplicable.  Even unreasonable.
Since the beginning of time we have been destined for each other.
God created our love at the very start of human history.
Why?  To us and to all that will forever be a great mystery...
Our ages differ somewhat, but I will not even bother
to justify that difference, it is not even doable.

The only important thing is our intense love,
the joy and happiness we bring to one another.
Age means nothing where true love is concerned!
Those who say otherwise shall by us be spurned.
Her and I are each the perfect and complete lover.
As peace rains down upon us from the Holy Dove.

Yes, the Holy Spirit guides our every step back
to each other from the great storm's fury.
Soon, we will be back in contact over the long sea miles
and all will be tears, laughter, joy and smiles!
For that day I live my life in a hurry
and my yearning for her knows no limit, no lack.

Come, come back my sweet sweet Irene!
Come back to your loving husband, your only man.
Wrap your comforting arms around me, the act that saves.
Show me your pretty long hair falling down in waves
over your lovely form, blown about by your electric fan.
And I will welcome you back such as you have never seen!

And then our love will multiply many times and ought
to grow beyond our wildest most fancied dreams!
People will stop and stare as we walk by hand in hand
on our way to dance to the local rock'n'roll band.
Together at last face to face, the long separation seems
to have disappeared, both storm-brought and sea-wrought.

Living now together forever in the Philippine Islands
(I having left the States far behind), we shall be
the stuff great stories are made of and told
to generations hence, as we grow bent and old.
For months I waited to see you across the ancient sea,
and now here we are living as one on your family lands.

I love you my dearest, most precious and loveliest wife!
Mahal na mahal kita!  Mahal...
My love for you will never die,
I shall never leave you.  Do you know why?
Because you are my everything, with you I stand proud and tall.
You and I are connected, you are my whole life.

mindbringer, 19 July 2014


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Whilst Beauty Sleeps

While you in beauty slept,
I quietly sat and wept.
Wept for knowing how lucky,
how blessed I was.

To have found you at my age,
while some consider it outrage,
takes luck to new boundaries,
to ridiculously high heights.

Beauty surrounds you, it loves your soul,
permeates you, swallows you whole.
Lips like a pomgranate, eyes like plums.
Chin so noble, nose so profound.

Your hair in torrents washes down the golden ages,
daring any man to gaze long upon it like sages.
It pillows upon the bed where you in beauty lie
hiding your idyllic form from my prying eyes.

Gazing upon you while you sleep like this
every night carries me away in sweet bliss.
My feelings for you so deep, so encompassing
as to consume my very being, cross my beating heart.

How to tell of my feelings for you,
how they found me for you to renew.
For you to save me from my wretched self,
and set me on this path of eternal gratitude.

My love for you so deep as to forever mystify.
So deep as to all my ills serve to rectifiy.
Deep like the wine-dark sea upon which we sail,
deep as the brick-red canyons of The Colorado.

When I was lost, you found me, nourished me
with your infinite beauty, wits and sobriety.
You picked me up from off the cold hard ground
and turned me 'round then sat me down.

You told me I was worthy of your unlimited love
a love whose origins can only be from above.
I soaked this up, came to life. Taking you as my wife,
I loved you more than was humanly possible.

Yes, our love was of divine conception and origin!
God had grown it out of nothing that had ever been
and placed it into the relentless hands of Father Time.
There, sublime, we floated in endless History.

Serving as an example to all of life's great mystery.
The greatest of all, an unfathomable love story.
We two have loved each other always
and will continue to love each other forever.

Love so long, longer than the greatest river.
To think of life without your makes me shiver.
But that will never be, for you are mine
and I am yours, from now until eternity.

I woke now from my nightly reverie,
and saw that you were no dream, but reality.
And like a dream, you hovered just out of reach
calling to me with every breath you took.

You, my love, I will never ever leave!
Each minute away cause for me to grieve.
I crawled in by your warm, soft and beckoning side
and slipped into you easily, where I belonged.

Belonged for all love stories yet to come...

mindbringer, 13 July 2014


Sunday, July 6, 2014


She sits there, her long black hair in a flip
looking so beautiful, so pretty, so hip.
Waiting there for me to get down from my ship.

As soon as I saw her, I began losing my grip.
She pouted and cried with a quivering lip,
so happy was she to see me on the slip.

I'd spied her down there from up on the deck,
and gone below to change and get my last check
and then had rushed to get off of that wreck!

I had run down the long pier excited as hell,
as soon as I'd heard the all hands liberty bell.
I had escaped from what seemed like a prison cell!

Suddenly, there she was all mine for the taking.
My love for her spilled over; I was quaking!
Soon we'd be home and be busy at love-making.

Leaving the sea and all she meant to me behind
we two walked down the wharf so cool and refined.
Two weeks I'd be home; it was happiness defined.

Always in each other's arms, we laughed or wept
at turns while we made love and then slept
on satin sheets. I was forever in her debt.

For she had saved me from a life gone astray.
A sailor, I had worked hard but harder would play.
If she'd not rescued me I would not be here this day.

I worship the very ground upon which she stands,
she is by far the fairest in all of the lands,
my love for her is more numerous than the sands.

Her beauty is legendary, her body so perfect
that I spent much time with her just to inspect.
And never could I find a flaw or some defect.

We married then one cold and foggy, blustery day.
There down on the sea in a place we would stay
for after the priest it was our time to play!

And so it came time to go back to the sea.
From one mistress to another without much glee,
but I knew she'd always be waiting for me.

mindbringer, 6 July 2014