Sunday, November 29, 2015


Hair flowing like a river of ebony,
breasts bobbing like floating nests,
each containing pure quiet ecstasy.
Musically they are the unexpected rests
which punctuate the score's body.
Her overall shape as a treble cleff tests
the mettle of all men who see her lovely
hips as they meet thighs in spell casts
as magic in their juncture of steamy
closeness cloaked in all their bests.
To sing her is as making gold from alchemy!
The riches rewarded unto men cause chests
to heave and minds to soar with the possibility
that all of the universe, all of heaven jests
as if the greatest joke was here before thee.
A joke in that before her all life crests
and then ebbs into the wine-dark tides of the sea.

mindbringer, 29 November 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I Love You

I love you asawa-ko, like flowers love the life-bringing rain,
I love you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my brain.
If you ever left me I know that I would go completley insane!
I love you so much it is really impossible to even explain...

But let me try!  You know how the water bubbles up from springs?
I love you like the water escaping from the ground gurgles and sings.
I love you like the mother bird loves her babies trying out new wings!
I love you as the depths of the great ancient forests hid wondrous things.

My love for you is longer than the longest river, winding its way to the sea.
It is wider than the widest prairie, whose grasses can be as long as can be.
My love is deeper than the deepest ocean, deeper even than the Sea of Galilee
where our Savior once preached on her shores and died to save both you and me.

The busy honey bee buzzing amongst the flowers loves it no more than I love thee.
The laughing Hyenas laugh because they're happy in the savannah - but no more than me!
I am happy because I love you, that is what makes others think I have bats in my belfry.
But I am not mad, I am simply head over heels in love with you! It should be plain to see.

You are my rudder, my anchor, my chains keeping me always focused and attached to you.
I am so in love with you that every day, every minute, every second is like brand new.
Born again each beat of my heart, I breathe you in with every breath right on God's cue.
He put us together and set us on this path of true love, forever knowing just what to do.

Each time we make love, the whole world smiles without ever knowing the reason why.
If I could not have thee every portion of every day, I would simply dry up and die!
When we finally in rapture cease for a brief time, the whole Universe lets out a sigh.
The story of our lives, of our love, of our family, written in love on your perfect thigh.

mindbringer, 25 November 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Taking Is Giving

Bodies quivering, trembling together under the pale late autumn moonlight shaking.
There in the lawn dying, browning drawing its last breaths that I had just been raking.
In our ecstasy, fantasy we had taken our love to its ultimate crests but kept taking.
Our passions breaking, collapsing in each other's arms panting and much later aching.

Juices flowing, erupting everywhere there under the waxing moon we'd soon have our share.
We laid out in the open, languorously spread out under sheltering oaks which now were bare.
Slowly realizing the significance of our circumstances, the ignorance of our surroundings fair,
we rolled back, coasted back into open arms and, all that be damned, we began again without care.

Tonight we would never leave the rhythm, the movement of time caught up as we were in the romance
of love begging for ever more and still more; the Universe singing to us was not by mere chance!
The Gods and Goddesses of yore were dillying and dallying about the field made happy by our chants,
chants unknowingly followed under some strange, ancient instructions here in our corner of France.

She brought me achingly to the very top of my existence once again and I pulled her up off the ground
holding her as if weightlessly under the thrusts of passions for my lover who made the sweetest sound.
A sound taught us only by the Spirits of the Forests who seemed to be the same as those of Love profound,
given we were now surrounded by both chorusing in unison, a symphony cascading in waves of joy so round.

All of Nature now encircled our raptures bearing witness, witholding judgement on that act which was needed
far more than any other and born out of Truth and Love and Beauty all at once in the same moment fed
by its own desires and joining with ours, together that neck of the woods became fertilized, seeded
as it were, while providing all parties with the practicalities of pure pleasure as all rose and peaked...

mindbringer, 23 November 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Consummation Draws Ever Nearer

The endless waiting, impatience driven by unconsummated love,
lends unlikeliness to the whole endeavor despite
its reputation for being born about on the wings of a dove.
Pacing the floor back and forth without respite,
does nothing except wear out the carpet as seen from above.

The bird's-eye view of the hapless soul's activities below
do not even reflect the half of his suffering!
He fell so quickly in love with this angel on Earth, to know
how he really feels is to cheat Time's rendering
of its course in this now cold Season of much prayer and snow.

Cold runs Love through his vein-like fibrous ribbons of steel.
Cold if compared to when they are re-met!
Then the heat from their meeting will melt ice under every wheel!
It is a few days until the too-slow jet
takes him into the arms of his dearest one their love to seal.

And on that day history will be made just as so much love is made!
They will tire themselves but not slow down.
Their noises and thumping will ruin the sleep of child and maid
but they'll be no louder than a circus clown!
Forever in love and now consummated, their future plans can be laid.

A future full of romance, dedication, and demonstration of their feelings.
Forever will they look into each other's eyes!
And even longer will they hold the hands of the other under ceilings
of plaster or under the blue wide-open skies.
Of their antics and frivolities many will tell stories of their dealings.

Far and wide will their love be known and modeled after by those seeking
to have a perfect love, one bounded by no bounds
and chased about by hounds as if they were foxes leaving the pack reeking
of sweat and effort and no short supply of sounds.
The sounds of love that shame all other sounds, those of their love-making.

mindbringer, 22 November 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eagle Eyes

The scattered light reflected off the waters under storm-laden skies,
rendering the natural surroundings even more eye-catching than normal
and causing the viewer to reflect on many things, the hows and whys.
Reflection causing reflection.  Resulting in philosophies far from formal.
Like the observer changing that which he observes, thinking relies
on there being something stimulative of the senses, not merely regal
but far more basic and subtle than that.  This Winter when all Nature dies,
the diffracted sunlight wakes Her up temporarily and presents Her frugal
existence in a new frame of mind to he who could see through Her lies.
It was only then that he realized that he was being observed.  By an Eagle!
Things were suddenly put in perspective.  The wind sounded like sighs...

mindbringer, 18 November 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Tread Of Giants

Fear the tread of giants lest they send you falling into Flatland!
Reduction from four dimensions to two is at once both radical and shallow.
While the giants continue on their lumbering journey, you are left as sand.
What will your view of the universe be from your new perspective now so low?

Will Reality be newly altered or will memories of old ones drive you mad?
How will you travel, how will you interact, how will you observe the world around you?
Will the loss of your previous existence be refreshingly new and challenging or just sad?
But more importantly, how will your protect yourself from the tread of giants anew?

mindbringer, 17 November 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Without Mercy

O gay Paree, City of Love on the river,
what has happened causes all to shiver!
Quick justice is the goal of all to deliver.
Cowards and mere terrorists have attacked.
A full and merciless response will be backed
by your Ally, the U.S. of A.  That is a fact!
Lafayette and d'Toqueville were our friend.
Now we will be yours to the glorious end!
The World will see what might we two can send.
A World of Honor, free from vain attempts at terror.
Of this ISIS knows nothing, not now nor ever.
Their elimination will make the World much fairer!

mindbringer, 14 November 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wild Beginnings

Put away thy hopeless, endless fear
and grasp what ye may of incessant cheer!
And in thy cheerfulness be glad,
for ye have found escape from sad.
Venture now forth into the wilderness
and forge thy place amongst endlessness.
Quickly use the light of rising sun
and merge with Nature as if ye both were One.
Timeless now thy venture became,
thee and the Universe are now the same!

mindbringer, 13 November 2015


The fickleness and sardonicism of love,
flies randomly about like a drunken dove.
Occasionally it lights upon an Ionian pillar
whose fluted crown serves as its pillow.
Whilst thereby bound, it may serve thee well
and save thee from slipping into the depths of hell!
Use it well while it is so docile
before this love becomes like a fossil...
Succomb to Love's greatest pleasure
and thee will experience highs without measure!
Show this love to the subject of thy desire
and find thyself consumed by its lovely fire.

mindbringer, 13 November 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two Years And Counting

Has it really been two years already since we met?
Under mid-November skies, how could I forget?
Your beauty and self-confidence oozed from every pore.
All I could think of was how I wanted nothing more.
Within days of our meeting, I asked you to marry me!
You said yes and nothing since filled me with such glee!
Now very soon we will be living together forever and ever.
It is all due to an all-powerful and knowing God, clever
in his designs for us, he put us on the path of matrimony.
Nothing about our relationship is even remotely phony.
My love for you runs fast as the rivers and as deep as the sea!
Higher than the highest mountains, wider than the widest prairie!
I will love you far beyond the days of my agedness and after I die.
My love will rain down on you like the happiness of roses in the sky!
Why?  Because our love has been ordained and foreseen by all the angels
since the beginning of time, the start of history, there in the stables.
Under that wandering star we too had our birth, here on the Earth
but blessed by the Heavens.  Your sweetness for all it is worth
given to me freely and without reservation.  I love you my darling wife!
I love you now, I loved you then, and I will love you for all of my life.

mindbringer, 13 November 2015
(on the occasion of Irene and I's Second Anniversary)