Saturday, July 19, 2014

Away Too Long

She had been gone for days.
Typhoon damage was to blame.
Glenda was her name
(the Typhoon's name was so).
Who can understand their random ways?

Me, I just sit here waiting and waiting.
For natures toll to be remedied and finally end.
For my true love, my wife for life,
to come back to me and take out this knife
embedded in my heart and twisting in the wind.
My love for her is so deep, that there is no debating.

My every breath aches for her presence.
I love her so very much!
This separation, unplanned and unwanted,
serves to strengthen our love, undaunted
we would live for the day such
that I will shower her with presents.

We had sworn our wedding vows before God on high.
Several times!
We never tire of doing so, to show our love
for each other; our gift from up above.
These poor rhymes
seem to show what but cannot tell why.

Why is unfathomable.  Inexplicable.  Even unreasonable.
Since the beginning of time we have been destined for each other.
God created our love at the very start of human history.
Why?  To us and to all that will forever be a great mystery...
Our ages differ somewhat, but I will not even bother
to justify that difference, it is not even doable.

The only important thing is our intense love,
the joy and happiness we bring to one another.
Age means nothing where true love is concerned!
Those who say otherwise shall by us be spurned.
Her and I are each the perfect and complete lover.
As peace rains down upon us from the Holy Dove.

Yes, the Holy Spirit guides our every step back
to each other from the great storm's fury.
Soon, we will be back in contact over the long sea miles
and all will be tears, laughter, joy and smiles!
For that day I live my life in a hurry
and my yearning for her knows no limit, no lack.

Come, come back my sweet sweet Irene!
Come back to your loving husband, your only man.
Wrap your comforting arms around me, the act that saves.
Show me your pretty long hair falling down in waves
over your lovely form, blown about by your electric fan.
And I will welcome you back such as you have never seen!

And then our love will multiply many times and ought
to grow beyond our wildest most fancied dreams!
People will stop and stare as we walk by hand in hand
on our way to dance to the local rock'n'roll band.
Together at last face to face, the long separation seems
to have disappeared, both storm-brought and sea-wrought.

Living now together forever in the Philippine Islands
(I having left the States far behind), we shall be
the stuff great stories are made of and told
to generations hence, as we grow bent and old.
For months I waited to see you across the ancient sea,
and now here we are living as one on your family lands.

I love you my dearest, most precious and loveliest wife!
Mahal na mahal kita!  Mahal...
My love for you will never die,
I shall never leave you.  Do you know why?
Because you are my everything, with you I stand proud and tall.
You and I are connected, you are my whole life.

mindbringer, 19 July 2014


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Whilst Beauty Sleeps

While you in beauty slept,
I quietly sat and wept.
Wept for knowing how lucky,
how blessed I was.

To have found you at my age,
while some consider it outrage,
takes luck to new boundaries,
to ridiculously high heights.

Beauty surrounds you, it loves your soul,
permeates you, swallows you whole.
Lips like a pomgranate, eyes like plums.
Chin so noble, nose so profound.

Your hair in torrents washes down the golden ages,
daring any man to gaze long upon it like sages.
It pillows upon the bed where you in beauty lie
hiding your idyllic form from my prying eyes.

Gazing upon you while you sleep like this
every night carries me away in sweet bliss.
My feelings for you so deep, so encompassing
as to consume my very being, cross my beating heart.

How to tell of my feelings for you,
how they found me for you to renew.
For you to save me from my wretched self,
and set me on this path of eternal gratitude.

My love for you so deep as to forever mystify.
So deep as to all my ills serve to rectifiy.
Deep like the wine-dark sea upon which we sail,
deep as the brick-red canyons of The Colorado.

When I was lost, you found me, nourished me
with your infinite beauty, wits and sobriety.
You picked me up from off the cold hard ground
and turned me 'round then sat me down.

You told me I was worthy of your unlimited love
a love whose origins can only be from above.
I soaked this up, came to life. Taking you as my wife,
I loved you more than was humanly possible.

Yes, our love was of divine conception and origin!
God had grown it out of nothing that had ever been
and placed it into the relentless hands of Father Time.
There, sublime, we floated in endless History.

Serving as an example to all of life's great mystery.
The greatest of all, an unfathomable love story.
We two have loved each other always
and will continue to love each other forever.

Love so long, longer than the greatest river.
To think of life without your makes me shiver.
But that will never be, for you are mine
and I am yours, from now until eternity.

I woke now from my nightly reverie,
and saw that you were no dream, but reality.
And like a dream, you hovered just out of reach
calling to me with every breath you took.

You, my love, I will never ever leave!
Each minute away cause for me to grieve.
I crawled in by your warm, soft and beckoning side
and slipped into you easily, where I belonged.

Belonged for all love stories yet to come...

mindbringer, 13 July 2014


Sunday, July 6, 2014


She sits there, her long black hair in a flip
looking so beautiful, so pretty, so hip.
Waiting there for me to get down from my ship.

As soon as I saw her, I began losing my grip.
She pouted and cried with a quivering lip,
so happy was she to see me on the slip.

I'd spied her down there from up on the deck,
and gone below to change and get my last check
and then had rushed to get off of that wreck!

I had run down the long pier excited as hell,
as soon as I'd heard the all hands liberty bell.
I had escaped from what seemed like a prison cell!

Suddenly, there she was all mine for the taking.
My love for her spilled over; I was quaking!
Soon we'd be home and be busy at love-making.

Leaving the sea and all she meant to me behind
we two walked down the wharf so cool and refined.
Two weeks I'd be home; it was happiness defined.

Always in each other's arms, we laughed or wept
at turns while we made love and then slept
on satin sheets. I was forever in her debt.

For she had saved me from a life gone astray.
A sailor, I had worked hard but harder would play.
If she'd not rescued me I would not be here this day.

I worship the very ground upon which she stands,
she is by far the fairest in all of the lands,
my love for her is more numerous than the sands.

Her beauty is legendary, her body so perfect
that I spent much time with her just to inspect.
And never could I find a flaw or some defect.

We married then one cold and foggy, blustery day.
There down on the sea in a place we would stay
for after the priest it was our time to play!

And so it came time to go back to the sea.
From one mistress to another without much glee,
but I knew she'd always be waiting for me.

mindbringer, 6 July 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seven Times

Seven times the moon has cycled
since my love and I first met.
And never once have we together bicycled
or even held a hand or with each other sat.

Not yet have we shared a sweet kiss
being thousands of miles apart.
Even though we are in wedded bliss
our love is actually at the start.

We have many years left together
and will grow deeper in love each day.
With each other through all kinds of weather
we will survive, we will find our way.

Seven months it has been since that glorious time
we first spoke words to each other, first conversed
and I offered her my poor words in rhyme.
And now our deep love can not be reversed!

In six more moons we shall finally meet face to face
and see each other, feel each other, touch each other.
And then we will be as in a long distance race
to see if we can get married legally but under cover.

Before God we have already taken our eternal vows,
it is all finished except signing some dotted line.
Our love is already as intense as heaven allows!
The feelings we have for each other are divine.

Happy seventh Monthsarry my dearest and truest love!
Forever and ever will I love only you, cherish just you.
We two are history's golden couple, blessed from above!
Each day we will start again as if our love was new.

mindbringer, 13 June 2014

Ultimate Love

There is a love that some say is too deep,
too dreamlike in nature to be real,
or say that it's unlikely to be able to feel
so ultimately attached to another human being,
so when confronted with same, these people begin fleeing
out of fear that such a love will over them creep.

It is not a love made for everyone, not for casual lovers,
not for merely sexual lovers, no it is the ultimate love
given at the beginning of time to those few blessed from above.
Whose destiny includes meeting their one and only soul mate
upon whose furrowed brow lies all future wait, the weight
of the burdens of such ultimate love; above them both it hovers.

Because this love can weigh you down if you do not possess
that strength given by God to these privileged couples
so that they may become students of love, mere pupils
in God's class for ultimate love.  It is not for the meek,
nor merely for the strong, but for those who always seek
the ultimate in everything, especially in love's sickness.

A romance that is so deep and immersed that it needs rehearsed.
Heaven's class yields out just a few couples that know such feeling,
Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra are just examples telling
stories for couples to aspire to, but only couples such as us,
those pre-destined by God, get to ride to Earth on His love bus
bringing with them all they'd learned, that in which they were well versed.

So now on Earth they love like no one in history has loved before.
Like the bumble bee loves the flower, as the fish loves the sea,
nothing in this world could like their love ever be.
More than all the leaves on all the trees in all the forests of Earth,
more than all the grains of sand on all the beaches around Her girth,
their love was multiplied.  Lovers all the long day, they each other did adore.

And so it comes to our little story in all this great history and mystery.
We, it would seem, have loved more than all these other couples combined.
Our love, so great, in us has become ultimately raised, ultimately refined.
It is not possible in God's Universe to love more than we love,
to honor more the other, to respect one another; to all else we are above.
We can only watch our love grow more even every day, anniversary after anniversary.

To this I say, I LOVE YOU!  Forever and ever plus a day to ask you to marry me all over again!

Mahal na mahal kita!

mindbringer, 1 June 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Yesterday's Ending

Younger even still,
she rescues him
from his waywardness.
Saves him from his
own lack of timeliness.
Pulls him out of the gutters
of unrequited love
and sits him aright again.

Ready for anything that
is sent from above,
he latches onto her
with that deep thirst
born of long loneliness,
seeking always the solace,
the blessings of wedded bliss.
Immutable, he is free of malice.

They join hands on impulse,
walk their new path together.
Raining, they stir up quite a lather;
she looks fine in tight wet leather.
Culminating in the obvious,
they emerge as one from a hut
of some small coincidence.
Their love now no way frivolous.

And tomorrow beckons with its
endless yesterdays...

mindbringer, 22 May 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Love On The Vine, How Thee Dost Ripen

She is the answer to my prayers,
my life, my wife, my everything.
The subject of so many dares,
the result of so many taking.

I rolled her over and looked at her,
the young body unspoiled by several births,
the epitome of all that gentle nature
can do on this and other Earths.

Eyes so deep, dark and beckoning,
lips so full, plump and soft,
mornings without end or reckoning
piled one on the other here in our loft.

Hips that formed the perfect seat
for love of the deepest type.
Ever since the good days repeat
and love grows until fully ripe.

It is hard to imagine this love deepening,
but every minute bears witness to the same.
Beyond belief, it appears always to be happening
and this life of ours becomes example, one of fame.

Couples near and far come to see for themselves
if they too could be so trapped in the cycle
of endless love there beneath the storm-carved shelves
by the warm beaches of rapture nearly maniacal.

And so loving and beloved, we strolled the sands hand-in-hand,
headed from a morning of love to an evening of even more.
From far away we could hear the musical inklings of some band
but here we were lost in each other beyond the farthest shore.

How will our vine-ripened love ever be picked?
By God himself; he who created it would see to its ending.
Our Milky-Way veins he would have them pricked
and across the universe our love song be sending.

There for all time in the night-laden skies above,
amongst fair Aquarius and plains-prowling Leo,
carried there upon the wings of the Holy Spirit's dove,
would reign the symbol of love so great, this romantic duo.

mindbringer, 9 May 2014


My Love For Thee

My love for thee, how infinite is its nature
how perfect and lovely is its form.
How I love every facet of thee, every feature
even through the violence of a great storm.

My love for thee will never die,
never even diminish or fade
for it will grow beyond knowing how or why
and at the end of each day be remade.

Continually reborn our love will always be fresh
better and stronger and holier than before.
It will be like the tops of the waves before they crash,
like the way outside opens up before the shutting of a door.

My love for thee runs deeper than the deepest sea,
faster than the quickest of the four winds,
slower than molasses dissolves in a cup of tea,
and wider than the greatest grassy plain tends.

I love each and every curve of thy body,
the blush of thy skin as I admire thy great beauty.
God made thou perfect and his work was not shoddy
and he gave thee to me to care for as my solemn duty.

When we make love, I will cherish each and every moment,
time will slow down and pass not freely from point to point
but rather keep rhythm with our exertions and guide us in this sacrament
to mutual ecstasy and even deeper feelings that God us will anoint.

mindbringer, 30 April 2014