Sunday, November 16, 2014


It had been one long crazy up and down year now.
Outside the first snow was falling down sideways
and it was colder than a witch's tit in a steel bra.
He was working on his lighted porcelain Christmas village
and was doing the farm, having placed the last cow.
This was how he had passed several of the last days.
But his thoughts always turned to her without a flaw...
He dreamed of her last night at prom with a corsage!

Of course, they had not even met until well, well after prom...
It was one year ago today that they had accidentally met.
Prom was more than forty years ago for him though much less for her.
Their age difference was the talk of many but did not matter to them.
It was her youth, her incessant beauty, her eyes (those eyes) from
which he drew his strength.  When her long, long hair was let
down nearly to the floor, he would go nuts, maybe run out to get her a fur
or just some white roses (her favorite) and chocolates, all on a whim.

Yes, she had him wrapped around her little finger tighter than a drum
but she did not take advantage of that fact for she loved him as much
as he loved her.  Together, their love had grown to an epic proportion
in a relatively short time.  One year.  On this note, he opened a beer
and toasted to the thin air of her absence, causing consternation in some
and disbelief in others.  Separated by huge distance and time distortion,
their love somehow continued to grow through bad times or good, with no fear.

There was nought to fear for them for they would soon be married for real.
In just a few weeks he would fly to the Philippine Islands and meet her face
to face at long last!  They would almost immediately consumate their love
and live each day and night as if it were their last, holding hands always.
These last few days prior to his plane's departure would often simply feel
unreal, he would be stressed out by the endless wait, as if he were in a race,
a race against time for him and against failed loves for her sent from above
to rescue her man, her Tommy-ko, her asawa.  She loved him in all known ways.

They talked every day and night for hours and hours via Facebook Messenger
and looked at each other in wonder on Skype hearing each other's voices
always as if for the first time.  They exchanged tons of videos and pictures
so that they would not forget each other.  But no matter the length of time
they were separated, they knew in their hearts that they would be together
forever until the end of time.  They knew that God had approved their choices
and had indeed made arrangements for them to meet eons ago, becoming fixtures
in the astrological skies above.  For them, it was without reaon or rhyme.

They mereley knew how they felt and how thier hearts connected one to the other.
Always close, they became ever closer each and every day.  Love grew more strong
with every passing moment.  After their meeting ih person in a few weeks. they
will have solidified their love and made the following re-separation bearable.
Walking down the street, they would attract attention from those who would bother
them and try to break them up.  This they knew was impossible, was very wrong.
They had always been destined for each outher, they knew that there was no way
they would ever leave each other.  So, being as one, they became their own parable.

Happy One-Year anniversary my sweet sweet wife!  I love you and will so forever!

mindbringer, 15 November 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014


You are beautiful!  Beautiful like the sun setting behind Pali,
beautiful like the blue Hawaiian moon.  Beauty like the first Spring day.
You are my sweet darling wife and I worship your beauty really
and truly and from afar.  Soon, I will see you in a different way.
Up close and personal, your beauty will overwhelm and humble me
and I will be left speechless and without anything coherent to say.
Beauty like yours comes but once in an eon and can never simply be
taken for granted but must be acknowledged by all mankind as a play
of infinite repetition amongst the stars and planets. Naturally.
Yes, your beauty eclipses even that of the most vibrant and life-filled bay
out there on distant, wine-dark seas where love's a never-ending possibility.

mindbringer, 18 Sept 2014


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love Defeats All Enemies

The rooftop turbine stared at the man
through the big hospital room window
like the man was the one that was odd.
But the man was just a man, no less
and no more.  Sure, if he had to guess
the turbine in its lonely plot of sod
had assumed he was old and ready to go
but this was not his intent, not his plan.

The man would live on to fight another day.
A stiff couple of days of anti-biotics had
defeated the serious leg infection and pain
but that was not all that had been at work.
He had got well again not by some mere quirk!
No, there sheltered from the gray days of rain
when everything that happened seemed to be bad
there were other forces and events in full play.

He had a dear loved one that lived very far away.
She had such power over him, such infinite love
for him, that he could feel her presence close by.
Her prayer, her thought, her emotion, her feeling
directed toward him as he lay there under the ceiling
surely had some affect on his health which was why
he loved her so much.  She was his little turtle dove
and they had been married in spirit just the other day.

For ten months they had grown ever deeper in love,
ever closer, ever more caring and knowing of each
other's very soul, that it seemed nigh unimaginable
that they could become even greater in these things.
But this scare caused these two inseparable beings
to realize that what they had was not even tangible
but rather bordered on the mystical; beyond the reach
of mere reality, and had to have been bestowed from above.

Yes, love does conquer all!  All enemies and foes fall slain
at its feet.  The naysayer is left to scratch his shaking head
and wonder how such love is even possible.  He simply does not
understand the workings of divine providence.  The act of God
as funneled through a tiny sweet girl to her loving man, odd
when seen from the outside view but not when they had fought
on all levels to save their love, and in their wedding bed
consumate it with all the blessings deserved by these twain.

Love defeats all its enemies with a hot and withering blast!
With disdain for all non-believers, it marches on side by side
with all lovers and has since time immemorial.  Never tiring,
indefatigable, always protective of those truly in its sway.
Love often defeats death and sickness and sends them on their way
down other paths until some other day dawns, so damned inspiring
it is, causing the lovers to look at each other with eyes of pride
looking at the now that will soon enough be the forgotten past.

mindbringer, 14 September 2014


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Inevitable Forever

Some people have said "Try to live without her!",
as if there was even some kind of an option, a choice.
Her very soul, her being infiltrates me like a whisper
leaving me speechless, without even a voice.

Crippled by love, I limp towards her image like a mirage.
There in front of me but separated by seven thousand miles.
I desire her, need her, want her but am a victim of sabotage.
Lack of options, finances, keep me from kissing her smiles.

So I sit here in my library writing about her unable to touch,
unable to caress, unable to make love to, the heart of my dreams.
She, in the same predicament, does what she can for me, much
like Aphrodite did for all men, she does lots more than it seems.

Marrying me in theory, taking me to be her only love, her only man.
Until we can sign the paperwork, we live our blessed lives as one,
making it each day inevitably together by the grace of God's plan.
When that day comes that we are face-to-face, we will have won.

Victory will be ours!  Our wonderful lives together as one started,
our emotions and desires all satisfied at the same precious time.
We will live and love together until the far end of time, parted
only by death and even then finding each other there in the sublime.

True love is inevitable.  Forever...

mindbringer, 3 September 2014


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Ancient Way

There is a green place I go to,
just this side of the old red shed.
I go there to forget myself
and end up finding me instead...

There where one plus one do not equal two,
there where all is alive including the dead.
The great vault of nature like a bookshelf
for all to deposit what they've already read.

mindbringer, 27 August 2014


Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Wine Dark Sea

Flowing down your back like the wine dark Aegean flows down the edge of the world
your long, beautiful hair that sends shivers down my spine lies piled and swirled
on our bed of love, our place where we become one with all of nature and time stops
its endless march forward to, for a time, stay its aging hand, cease its tics and tocs.
Knocks at the door reveal to us finally that there are children in this house of ours
demanding our attentions, wanting us to play with them, to while away the daylight hours.
Reluctantly we release our sweet embrace and move to let in our bundles of pure joy.
In seconds they have taken over our lives and made them their own, seeking a favorite toy,
they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Bright as the sun, smart as a tack,
they bounce upon the poor bed, leap out onto the floor and, as a group, leave their attack
and, curiousity satisfied, pile back into the room whence they came, boisterous and loud,
leaving us alone again, alone to love each other once more without the joyful crowd.

Your passion and mine entwined forever while we lay together as God in his wisdom intended
for loving couples such as us, demonstrating to a love-starved world that has pretended
at love, what true love is really all about, what endless love, unquenchable steaming love,
has to offer it in place of war, strife, violence, hate and avarice.  Yes, great God above
brought us together to be as one in his love, having created us at the beginning of history
always destined to be together at some point in Earth's story, the penultimate mystery
of life incarnate.  Caressing each other, we reach our climaxes as we should, together as one.
Sweating and breathing so hard, we gaze deeply into each other's eyes, there beneath the setting sun.
We talk to each other in low, whispering voices so as to not attact the children again, telling each
other of our love, of our devotion, of our passion, of our needs and wants and desires, to reach
the pinnacle of what married life is all about, the nirvana of our lives, the very snow-topped mountain
of dedication to one another, here in our tiny bed floating down the river of the wine dark Agean.

mindbringer, 24 August 2014


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where Time Went

Where has all the time gone?
Where have all the angels run?
What is this place we have left?
Of all that is earthly now bereft?

'Tis a land now unclaimed and forgotten
where inhabitants once were always besotten.
Now their blank faces upturned asking "why?"
Seeking mere drops of the old magic they'd sigh.

Sighing and soon to be crying nowhere and no place.
Never to have been a part of this proto-human race.
Empty night lands that old stories told us all about
staring us in our faces with their screamless pout.

Cloulds of dust and blood spray mingled with the sparse rain
to form a preternatural sludge of infintie proportion.  Insane!
Crazy geometric shapes replace the sky, tears of diamonds fall.
The entire remnants of time-born society gathered against yon wall.

There to mesh together and procreate a new replacement history
one where time once again ruled and reigned and led in new glory
those that would follow.  But what of those who would not follow?
It was they who lay just insided your imagination; there in that hollow!

So underlying all of the new societal time was the original land of no time.
A land which in it s nearness  caused effects to be felt in the new land of rhyme.
The humanesque lifforms gathered all as one in a group and picked one of them to be leader.
In place of forgotten time, he ruled this one and all others with the iron fist of a Crusader.

So time slipped back across The Last Frontier, the great "wall" at the end of the expanding universe.
What all lay on the other side of the great wall only time would tell.  A task for which he must rehearse.
Now that time was on that side of the great wall and all else was on this side, a great dilemma presented itself.
If time was forever gone what did that mean?  Was there even a forever now, was there a now?  Was there even a self?

mindbringer, 13 August 2014

Nine Months (a tribute to Love)

A love like ours most people would find hard to imagine or to believe,
one would expect it to fade away and then set like the Sun on a midsummer's eve.
The Sun which is always shining somewhere on this rock we call Earth
brings abundant life in all of its myriad glories; for all it is worth.

My vision of you often is one of nature's perfection, of nakedness.
This always leads to seeming insanity, to temporary madness.
I am driven crazy by the sight of your precious and sexy body,
so beautiful and made even more so by your posing so oddly.

We have now been together for nine special, extraordinary months,
nine cycles of that bringer of tides in the night sky ensconced.
Nine months of love every increasing, every evolving, ever growing.
Before time even began our love was put into motion by God all-knowing.

How time flies by when you are as deeply and romantically in love as we are!
The days and nights rush past in a confusion of dreams as if seen from afar.
For we've been separated all this time by seven thousand miles of mountain and sea.
Most would say by that standard alone we should not exist, we should never be.

But be we are and are shall we be...or this one was not born under a chestnut tree.
Our love not only existed, it flourished and has now become part of History.
For upon our unworthy heads did far-seeing God bestow this special place in his story,
this place where two such as us were destined to meet and to forever just be.

mindbringer, 12 August 2014


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moon Trance

Out, you Moon, damn ye!
Shine elsewhere this winter's eve!
Find some other place to be.
Leave me alone to pace and grieve.

Can I not have even this poor night?
Is stark silence your only reply?
Have it without needing to fight?
Alas, all I can do is sigh...

Moonbeams blasting through my senses
like so many deadly cosmic rays.
Here I sit like on so many fences
awaiting you after the long days.

Silent being of crooked brow
send me hints of tides unleashed.
Talk to me then, not now,
your powers by day have ceased.

Night brings you in your fullness.
White bright light your legacy.
Monthly cycles delay your coolness;
belay my last, your glory I now see!

Rising there o'er yonder hill;
clouds impede your progress
but are shone through by your will,
alone which I serve as witness.

mindbringer, 10 August 2014


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Delights Of Unknown Origin

The incense burned thickly on the filing cabinet
where it had been placed into a fancy wooden holder.
Not too close of course to any nearby folder
and far enough away from the fountain to not get wet.
It was always, it seemed, a relatively safe bet
that the smell of the incense got progressively bolder
as you entered into the stream of the smoke's smoulder.
There high up on the furniture where it was set
to stream into my consciousness while I surfed the net.

The Mag Champa scent was of an origin not known by me,
whether it was of nature or of man I knew not.
And even if I once had, by this time I would have forgot.
I pondered upon these weighty thoughts as I got up to see
if the book I just discovered on the world wide web could be
in amongst my library's dusty tomes, that is what I sought
as I wondered amongst the oaken book cases I had bought
decades ago next door to the aptly named "Market Of The Flea".
Then when I saw her portrait, I fell to the ground on one knee.

Brought to my knee by forces inexplicable yet real as daylight.
Her bright smile shining its light down upon me kneeling there in ecstasy!
At that moment time seems to have slowed.  No longer inexorably free,
those things it normally affected changed from wrong to right,
from basic to complex, from coarse to fine, here in this now long night.
This common activity turned into a most wonderful adventure at sea!
The same sea that nearly drowned the now visible flight of a nearby bumble bee.
A curtain of mystery fell gently down like a shroud covering my sight
and making one want to flee down these corridors thick with history's blight.

What strange forces were at work here in my den of learning and where from wrought?
All that had been done that I knew of was that incense had been placed and lit.
Oh, and some herbal substance was smoked what seemed like hours ago in an existential fit.
Over this and slavery and disputes over land or water great wars had been fought!
The Drug War nothing but a new Civil War and its unwilling participants knew not
why they had been chosen to play this great game when they had all rather just sit.
And who was this "chooser" after all, why did he get to stop and quit?
Ah, said I, the "Chooser of Unknown Origin" he was.  Controlling all thought,
all life, all death.  Her portrait fell on my head at that point and I remembered nought.

I stared at the portrait now laying on the floor before me, my head throbbing from the impact.
Such rare beauty as this had deserved such a worthy frame but I now wished I had been less asthetic
and more practical.  Perhaps I would have chosen a lighter frame and risk being called heretic.
I picked up her beautiful face and walked over to one shelf from where I would re-enact
the great battles in my mind.  Gettysburg, Yorktown, Guadalcanal.  One could easily predict
the winners of these make-believe wars, history had proscribed them long ago, given its edict
on how to fight and win.  I placed her portrait there amongst the trophies of Rome sacked,
of Greece at Thermopolye, of Lee's Lieutenants.  Just temporarily while I gathered my senses, racked
my brain for why I was in such a long reverie.  It was her, that was it.  That was the missing fact.

She filled my mind now, my life's force spent on her, on loving her, on knowing her, on her alone.
She was my entire life!  All that I did was for her, of her, around her, about her, in her.
Having met her just 7 months ago, we had fallen deeply in love and that was for damn sure.
I quickly proposed to her and she just as quickly accepted.  The wedding now scheduled, a cone
of silence ringed about the date like it was some National Secret.  Her and I alone did own
each other and all they thought, all they felt, all that was in their loving nature
to experience.  They were separated by immense time and space differences, but rapture
was the word they used to describe their feelings for each other.  True love the thigh bone
of their existence.  Forever they would be together, a love like theirs only God had shown.

mindbringer, 5 August 2014