Tuesday, February 22, 2011



In and out and round about,
a line of fate goes on and on.
Sucking in those nearby
on its inevitable course.
The standerbys can only
stare and watch from afar.

Watch as those others are pulled along
unknowing and, if they knew, unwilling.
Preferring freedom of choice, they
would protest loudly to all who would listen.

To all they pass they would shout
and show all the things they had won,
things that made them laugh or cry.
They would shout until they were hoarse,
as if by doing so they would not seem so lonely.
They pause to reflect at a local bar
joining the patrons in a rousing song
and feasting on fare both fast and filling.

But ere long they are pulled on their way
through a snow that, if not so dark, would glisten.

mindbringer, 22 February 2011