Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Will of Nature

Today I saw more Canada Geese than should be humanly possible.
They filled the southern sky like stars in the night
their long, long trails barely looking like vees
as they travelled from west to east on their flight
to an unknown destiny.  There were thousands, not just hundreds
of geese, all bent on reaching their instinctual goal.

Then it hit me, like a wave overarching a beach,
the sound of the honking and gaggling was overwhelming
and hit my ears like a wall of sound,
drowning out all mere human noises.
And there, gasping and gawking, stood I
struck to my very soul
by the forces of nature
which had, for that moment, taken over completely,
had sought me out, seemingly, and taken me into their reach
to have their will over mine.

Long after they passed, I still stood there in awe
of the most Canada Geese I ever saw.

mindbringer, 31 December 2012