Thursday, December 27, 2012

The World Is Coming To A Start

Christmas is over but the lights are still strung,
and on the fireplace, empty stockings are hung.
The Christmas trees, now browning, still stand
and the Season's music plays across all the land.

But soon it will be the New Year!
And, the world having not ended
is set to have a chance to start over again.
This alone should bring lots of good cheer
but some would say it is even the start of a New Age.
An age of peace and cooperation, of tolerance and change.
Not another one filled with hatred, fear and rage
but one of love and anticipation, the whole range
of good emotions, happiness, and joy.
So raise to the new year your tonic and gin
and try not to be so humble and coy.
As you celebrate the New Year
do it with deliberate intention
of seeing this thing through.

The passing of the old and the ringing in of the new.

mindbringer, 27 December 2012