Thursday, December 13, 2012


The setting Sun's rays shed speckled light
on the man standing under the bright
sky's changing colors and cloud formations.
Just this morning, he had stopped at several train stations
while on his journey to this special place.
The end of the line, where, in any case,
he would cease to exist in a matter of days.
It was, after all, the end time and, in many ways,
he had been preparing himself for these last moments
all his life, through all the trials and torments,
just for this last journey, his last trip.

Now he had finally arrived, and. as the sun took its final dip
below the horizon, he recounted his life in his mind.
He went over the many good times that he could find
buried amongst the overpowering bad times.
He had visited many places and exprienced many climes,
but none held more satisfaction and meaning than this current setting.
And, if he were to be betting,
he would never see any other place.
This plot of land, this hallowed ground, was the end of the race.
And, even for all his faults, he felt a moment of grace
here at the end of all things good or bad.
It did not seem to make him particuarly sad,
in fact, given his recent pain and suffering, he was actually glad
that the end had arrived.
This ending at this place at this time he had contrived
with great effort and, yes, a little bit of luck.

He lit up his long, curved pipe and took a deep puff.
The nearby pond revealed geese and even a duck
under the Sun's last fair gleaming.
The water began steaming
as the coolness of the evening set in.
His luggage he had dropped off at a nearby inn
and he had slowly walked these familiar steps
to this place, this place that held meaning down into the depths
of his being.

Now that darkness was affecting his seeing,
he sat down, he and his pipe, and waited for it.
And it came.
Slowly, like the sneaking up of a feral cat.
He took one last breath
and rolled over one last time to lay on this ground.
A tear trailing down his now cooling cheek
was his last act.

To die in such a place was truly a blessing he thought...

The Yellowstone ashes covered him in molten glory
and the end of the man was forever outlined
in volcanic stone that none would ever find,
as none were left,
here near the vaporized pond.

It was a new world now, a world for new life
to take hold and to grow, to know strife
and glory, and to start a new story
that would have ups and downs
and that would be full of special places
worthy of taking familiar steps to.

The cycle was unrelenting
and the world turned on it axis
as it sped through space
on its race
to the stars.

mindbringer, 12/12/12