Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cherish Them

He grunted as he screwed the last bulb in tightly;
now they would all shine brightly
and give cheer to all viewers nightly.
(Unlike his neighbor's decorations which were unsightly
to say the least).
He was now ready for a seasonal feast
of pumpkin, cherry and apple pies
broken up only by the sighs
and the happy cries
of those who had participated
in such Holiday splendor and excess.
Such pure joy could not have been anticipated!

A few days ago, when he had called in the students from recess
they had all expressed their yearnings
for the Christmas Break to commence.
He had personally been a bit on the fence
as he enjoyed the last few weeks of school.
He stepped down off the ladder and put away his tool
careful to not blow away all of the turnings
he had carved out of the old wooden reindeer.
He wished the students a Happy Holiday
and told them he looked forward to the new school year
that was now just a couple of weeks away.
He had to feign a smile as he was feeling a bit constipated.

Now school was out and it was just himself and his family,
big though it was.  They would live this day happily
as they always did and give gifts to each other
again now that the gifts from Santa had been opened
earlier that morning.  They had all got what they had been hopin'
for and more!  It was really no bother
as he got so much joy just from the looks on their faces.

He put on his snow boots and tied up the laces,
then headed out to shovel the freshly fallen snow
off of the sidewalks and the driveway.
He did this while the dough
in the oven rose and began to bake.
From this day, what would he take?
There was so much even though
he was currently unemployed.
So much, he was overjoyed!
He accidentally knocked over Santa's sleigh
with the shovel
and bent over to right it.
No, he could not forget
the looks on their faces.

So, he gave thanks to the universe
for this day of days
during which he was blessed in so many ways,
such as having his whole family there with which to converse!
He walked back towards the house breathing deeply
from his exercise in the snow
thinking, as holidays go,
this one was one of the best.

The roof sloped up steeply
and just as he arrived at the door
a slab of snow fell from it onto his head!
For a moment, he thought he was dead!
But, he stumbled in and shook it all off onto the floor
and then, laughing, wished all there a very Merry Christmas!
And they, laughing with him, did the same
and handed him a big mug of hot buttered rum as he shut the door.
After last night's wassail, it was just what he needed
to settle down and talk with loved ones of when and how they had succeeded
in their work and in their lives.
They broke out the wine and talked well into the night.

He had been sitting in his big thick recliner
in his stocking feet
with his smoking pipe in one hand
and a cold beer in the other.
Before he knew it, he was snoring
loud enough to wake up all the land.
When a loud knock came at the door - it was his long lost brother!
Thinking he would now burst with joy he jumped up to greet
this man they had all been ignoring
for so many years.
All due to some silly small thing;
all over a lost wedding ring.
He reintroduced him to his family
and handed him two beers.

The night seemed to go on and on
with one surprise after another,
one joy following on another.
At last, they began to disperse
and heartily said goodbye to each other.
The renewed love they had won
with relatives long unseen
was still fresh inside them.
The brother was put up for the night
amongst vows that never again would they fight
and that all would now forever be right
between them.
He dimmed the lights
and said his good nights.

Then, he climbed up to bed
and on the pillow rested his weary head.
A great day was had by all
and by all a great day!
"Merry Christmas!" he shouted as he fell at last to sleep.

A sleep as rejuvenating and deep
as any he had ever had.

mindbringer, 12/12/12