Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boulder Afternoon

Walking down the Pearl Street Mall,
dodging the homeless people,
noticing that the older people here
have longer and more facial hair
than in other locales.

Taking care not to fall
on the ice under the shadow of an old steeple
we stop into West Flanders for a cold beer.
It is a carnival atmosphere, a virtual fair
at least through the transisition lenses of my bifocals.

We walked past some boulders and fountains that seemed to recall
the mountains and rivers just to the West, a little repro
of that classic backdrop.  Then, a sculpture of the CU Steer
appeared near where, for a fare,
you could take a ride down to El Pocos.

Afterwards, we walk East and explore each stall
when we arrive at an iconic bus depot
where the atmosphere is so electric I nearly shed a tear.
Hundreds of folks just standing around out on a tear,
mostly tourists, but some obvious local yokals.

We spent the earlier part of the day on call,
at the University of Colorado near a model of Constantinople
waiting for the live piano audition off in the rear
of the Music Building, a atmospheric place where
life seemed to be one long musical.

It is a nice day out, a good one for walking tall
and strutting your stuff, people watching people
while shopping and eating and making good cheer.
We decide to duck up an interesting stair
and ended up in a place reminiscent of So Cal.

How odd! There was even a painting showing the Mall
as being between the Flatirons and a mythical ocean beach
where, and it was quite a reach,
you could have the best of all worlds and fish off of a pier
that the Mall ended in, not having a care
in the world and feeling like life had swirled
and twirled together into a collage
of mountains, rivers, forests, beaches, a great College
and the Pearl Street Mall.

mindbringer, 20 January 2013