Sunday, January 13, 2013


The last string of lights finally down for the season
(some neighbors' are still up, against all reason).
Having just given his daughter a good teasin',
he was listening on YouTube to his son's recording session.

Although not his cup of tea (no, it was steaming in front of him),
he could listen to it anyway because of knowing it was his son
up there at the keyboards playing away inside the refurbished gym.
On piano, his son is one of the best, seen by many as "Number One".

One year in High School, he just up and asked to take lessons on piano.
He quickly exceeded some teacher's ability to teach him anything.
How he came by this sudden talent, nobody could know,
but it came to him naturally, just like some people could really sing.

Now he is going to Graduate School for Piano Performance,
there in Boulder, where he would learn even more.
Where his already awesome skills would further enhance
his ability to play 'most anything, get him through any door.

His daughter, on the other hand, is a writer.
Never yet published, she continues on like a fighter.
Her subjects are historical, she stays away from lighter
topics and doggedly continues writing all day, just like a lifer.

Another son is an artist, though dormant for now,
and the other is a screen-writer, having pitched some scripts
already and trying to go to school for it somehow.

Four children on four different paths,
each on their own road.
Each worthy of an ode!

Proud of all, proud of each.
To them all, if he could teach,
he would tell them, continue to reach.

Reach for the stars!

mindbringer, 12 January 2013