Saturday, May 4, 2013


Change is not just in your pocket,
it is in front of you
and was behind you.
Like a locket
on a chain that keeps slipping around
until, finally, it falls to the ground
and you have lost it.

You keep looking for it
even though it is there
right in front of your face.
And what will you do when you find it?
Put it back on the chain so it can just slip around
and then eventually fall back to the ground?
To find it, you have entered a sort of race
that tires you out so much you have to sit.

Slowly you realize that the race is futile,
that running in it constantly is rather brutal.
So, you leave the locket on the ground this time
and walk away carrying only the empty chain around your neck.

Left behind on the ground.
It will find its way to another chain on some other neck.

And you, you will buy another locket.
It cannot be avoided.
Change happens and will always do so.
Like rain.
It pours then it evaporates but it comes back.
And just when you thought you had destroyed it.

Shiny like the moon,
burning bright like The Sun in the early afternoon.

Change will always be with us.
And carrying it will be this chain around our necks.

mindbringer, 2 May 2013