Saturday, May 4, 2013


The bellows blows out and sucks in
the hotter the fire to make.
You certainly have been
in situations seemingly created for their own sake
out of thin air
by some ethereal being or by mere chance or just naturally.
And when in these situations, you may have given thought
that is, a thought may have arisen preturnaturally,
that you are like the bellows' air:
sucked in and blown out by the contracting and expanding universe.
That same universe whose key you have forever sought.

So, when the currently expanding universe begins to contract,
will you know it?
And if so, what will you do?  How will you react?
Will you choose to pull out your pillow and have a meditative sit?
Or will you give that thought to the situation,
a situation which seems to want one.
Giving thought and avoiding consternation
as you figure things out in slowly gaining fascination
there at your place amongst your birth's constellation.

Floating in ether
you can either
think or meditate.
As the universe chooses to deflate
and collapse around us all
like a busted soccer ball.
Now is the time to be in.
Then you may be able to avoid sin
and the drinking of too much gin.
Only in the now, can you figure out how
this change will affect you and others
as you crawl further under the covers
and slip into (or is it out of) another deep rem-driven sleep.

Having not uttered even a peep
since way past time to have arisen and milked the cow
you think you know what is going on.
Going on with the universe.
Why it is simply going in reverse!
So, just turn your head around and follow it.

As it and you are the same, no effort is required.
Just go about your days and nights
the same as before.
But before you do, open the door,
don't close it.

Relieves the pressure.

mindbringer, 3 May 2013