Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pinholes In The Sky

The darkness draws its strength from the myriad stars,
those pinholes in the fabric of space-time
that let out that glorious light from the other side.
Like a fire-fly, you wish you could capture this heavenly light in jars
then give it away free to any who could make of it a rhyme,
and let them wonder and behold as they look and try to decide
what is light and what is dark, what is right and what is wrong.
Is there something in that jar that just does not belong?
Too much energy gathered in one place could be dangerous!
On the other hand, not enough energy would just be outrageous
in its anti-climaxical coexistence with star-stuff.
The turning of ones eyes away from such cataclysmic sights could be rough
but, to keep ones sanity, one simply must.

Here on Earth, all is in a state of decay, a growing pile of rust.
All the light let through in the deep dark night
is not enough to brighten our horizons during the day.
Try as hard as one might,
the dying of Earth cannot be reversed in the normal way.
It takes more of everything we can think of,
especially of the holy spirit borne by the white dove,
the blessed entity who spreads love over a love-starved world.
Love and hate become mixed in some horrific twister swirled
together in the eternal fight between good and evil.
Whoever wins this fight this time around
will hold the Earth's fate in his hands.
Like the lowliest of creatures, the gnawing bollweevil
the fight will end in a wimper, not even a sound
to mark the salvation of all the World's lands.

Good, I wager, will win this ultimate battle.
And starshine will once again hold evil at bay.
So that from that space tower sitting in Seattle,
you will be able to see all over the sparkling bay
and past that to majestic Olympia in all her glory.
That will be just the beginning of our new story
where each day brings new awareness and new life.

Reflected back during the day through the holes of space-time,
this new World shines its light to recharge the night-time
batteries of star-stuff.

The darkness draws it strength from the myriad stars.

mindbringer, 4 May 2013