Monday, July 1, 2013


Three bluejays flew around the birdhouse
trying to get at the treasures inside.
Deep down the fledgelings tried to hide
as from a hawk would hide a mouse.

The mother or father bird flew around frantically
trying to shoo away the much larger jay
but despite her brave fight, naturally
the jays eventually had their way.

Like the jays, nature often plays out
not in favor of the weak.
But, this is not to say the weak play no part
in this great drama.  Without them to seek
the whole plan would never get a start.
Nothing to cry about!

Nature takes its daily toll
but, when looked at as a whole,
shows that it is well-meaning
and results in a world teaming
with life.  Lots of strife
but life nonetheless.

So now this system is under a lot of stress.
Nature's plans are thwarted at every turn!
Her forests are cut down or left to burn,
her rivers trashed and polluted with oil.
To see it is enough to make your blood boil!
However, all is not yet lost.  With much toil
we could make things right again.

We could stop the acid rain
by not burning high-sulfur coal.
We could take care of each endangered foal.
Nature would right herself eventually.
Not costing all that much financially,
but worth every penny spent!

Not in vain is love's labor lent.
The forests will grow back
and the rivers for clean water will not lack.
And someday the Earth will be green and blue
Yes, it can all come true!

Just start today to live your life by this principal:
In the community of beings, all
are our brothers.
There are no "others"!
We are all one here under the sun.

mindbringer, 30 June 2013