Thursday, July 4, 2013

Loco Motive

The train's giant wheels go 'round like the earth's orbit
fighting the reluctance of the track to absorb it.
The steam pours out of its stack
like smoke from a dragon's nostrils.
The big head light brightens the night
to give the engineer day-like sight.
Cardboard cutout people stare blankly
as the beheamoth roars blackly past.
The next stop governed by its thirst
the train dares the terrain to do its worst.
Conductor huddled behind holding onto the tail
of the unslowable, unstoppable dragon.
The various cars in between follow along
like unknown verses of a popular song.
A far away station beckons to it
and opens its hungry maw
to receive this carrier of contents,
this crosser of continents.

mindbringer, 3 July 2013