Saturday, July 6, 2013


The man across the bar looked like he wanted to fight.
Just what he needed on this useless (so far) night.
He stumbled in here to get away from the world for a while.
Now it threatened to impose itself, of that there could be no denial.

He tried to ignore the larger man but he just kept looking at him.
So, he sauntered around the bar to settle things one way or another.
He had just left one fight between some girl and his brother.
That did not boad well nor did this looming one.  On a whim,
he asked the man, who, strangely, had not turned around,
if he could buy him a drink.
The man just sat there and made nary a sound.
What was going on he could not imagine or think.

So, he put his hand on the man's shoulder and shook him.
The man promptly fell out of his chair!
When he hit the floor, his head rolled off in bloodless mockery.
Staring in disbelief, he ran his hand through his hair,
and looked askance at the bartender.

"He's just a dummy", the barkeep said.
No, I'm the biggest dummy in here, he thought, his face turning red.
"But why the dummy?", he said.
"There are plenty of them throughout the bar", noted a man on a nearby stool.
Sure enough, there were plenty of strange looking patrons all around.
"That is the name of the bar.  'Dummies'".
Now he really felt like a fool.

So, he went over to the tables to play a game of pool.
There were some real babes standing around and he began to drool.
"Hi there!", he said.
But they just walked away laughing, one shaking her head
as the sounds of the Grateful Dead
echoed around the tables.
"What did I do to deserve that?", he wondered.
So, he meekly mosied
back over to the bar to look at their labels.

"Give me a double shot of your best Scotch!"
This he was certain even he could not botch.
"Can I see some ID?", said the barkeep.
HIs grey beard began to twitch.
He had left his ID at his brother's place
in the hurry to get out of there.
Away from that screaming bitch.
He wondered what the look was on his face.
Again, he ran his fingers through this hair.

The next thing he knew, he was being escorted out of the place.
He was thrown into the side of a nearby car and told never to come back.
He looked up at the sign which clearly said "Dummies".
Shaking his head, he limped down the street towards the next joint.
He looked back one more time but the sign had disappeared!
HIs limp then suddenly went away! He seemed to be missing the point.
Looking up first this time, a new sign said "Twilight Zone".

"What the hell", he said, and stepped in through the swinging doors.

mindbringer, 5 July 2013