Saturday, July 6, 2013

Endless Rhyme

Her eyes twinkled (he swore) as she glanced up at his face.
They were very close together due to the nature of their work.
Stuck into a very confined (and warm) space.
Just minutes ago, from a distance, the sight of her he first perceived as some quirk.

She seemed so familiar, as if he had known her since the beginning of time.
Now, in close quarters, the very scent of her drove him mad.
It was a feeling that was both scary and completely sublime.
He knew instantly that this was a woman that could take him to great heights but also make him sad.

Finished with their work, they tried to crawl out without touching (failed)
out from the confined (and now hot) space.
Standing in the fresh air provided no relief; his heart:  off it sailed!
They stood motionless, speechless.  His pulse began to race.

When he dared look at her again, her eyes still twinkled (he swore).
On some sort of primitive instinct, he reached out his hand.
She took it in hers (tiny) and they headed towards a distant door.
They never made it.  Before they got there, they collapsed onto the hot sand.

Writhing in each other's arms, they kissed passionately over and over again,
making love as if all time had come to a stop just for them.
And it had, or so it seemed, because from that day forward they never aged.
Each remained the same in each other's eyes, their passions forever raged.

What on Earth seemed to be eons passed by in an instant, like a cosmic rhyme.
Their love so strong that they asked their offspring to sprinkle their ashes together
in the same mountain valley that they had visited so often in life.
And so they did, and there during the most beautiful ever weather,
the souls of the man and his twinkling-eyed wife
roamed the valley side by side until the very end of time.

mindbringer, 5 July 2013