Thursday, July 4, 2013

Magical Moments

Some author said that there were no "ordinary moments".
Such a notion blows my mind and foments
the memories past of such experiences.
Whether religious or chemically encouraged,
peak or otherwise, one could get downright discouraged
at not being able to have these feelings on demand.
You can get them when doing tai chi,
when meditating or just taking a long pee.
You don't get to choose when they happen.
They usually occur in an unsolicited, unplanned way,
at random times during an otherwise routine day.
But when they do, you find yourself bathed in bright light
or you get a feeling of oneness with all the universe.
Nothing you could do then would have an adverse
effect on your existence, just the opposite.
You find that these non-ordinary moments define you,
make you, essentially create a you that is new.
And then, fleeting like all good things, the moment is gone!
It is up to you, now, to have learned from this event.
To be certain that you remember how to prevent
a relapse into your old ways, those prior to your experience.

To make this a teaching moment, a learning moment.

The ordinary world needs your experience
so that it can be reborn
and so all can grow beyond their ordinary selves
and walk out into the light.
The light of knowledge, of hope, of love and of peace.
For this is the true, unshakable essence
from which you cannot now be torn.
It is your job to see that everyone delves
into this knowledge, this love, this peace with all of their might.
Not just you, but all who have had these moments, are a piece
of the cosmic puzzle. The burden is on all
complete the puzzle.  Not just the easy border pieces
but the sky.

The deep, blue sky.

mindbringer, 3 July 2013