Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hope Found

Hope festers in swamps
where days are gray,
swarms of bugs hoard the way,
and life seems to bog down.

It grows in the hearts of men
who just yesterday were at wits end,
whose life was beyond mend
and each act seemed a sin.

Standing alone against all odds,
it demands one's attention
like lightning rods
grabs the spark out of this dimension.

Grabs it, shakes it, and thunders
it into the ground
where it all but sunders
all that which is around.

Just when you need it, it is there
just in the nick of time, by a gnat's hair.
Reach out and touch it and you will find
that you can see, no longer blind.

That you can make it to the next day,
that you can find your way
amongst all the debris of life,
amidst all the toil and strife.

Hope is there to guide your steps
into the uncertain future.
One without any maps
but one of which you can be sure.

Reach out!

Hope has been found.

mindbringer, 3 July 2013