Friday, August 16, 2013


Warning:  Rated "R"

The scotch glass rolled over the table and down into the couch.
It was blended anyway, no reason to rescue it.
His world was spinning every which direction, he could use
a few good winks.  And like right now!
As he dozed off, he noticed he was getting hungry,
What an odd time to feel hungry.
Before he hit the floor he was off and running!
Where was that smell coming from?
Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Why chicken so damn early
in the morning?  He went ahead and ate it.
The blonde cop who had started following him,
came over and asked if anyone was sitting there.
She already knew but he went ahead and said "no" anyway.
Even the scotch glass had not been vinatage.
It had a couple of chips knocked off in various places.
The blonde had him hungry for something other than buckets of chicken
but they were both finger-licking good (or so he had heard).
Next thing he knew the cop and he were falling out of bed together.
Turns out she spends most of her time on duty drinking.  Her and her partner.
Now she is my partner and I am all about it.
You can smell that thing coming down the block!
He flipped her over to check her parking ticket.
Zazaam!  It was all right there exactly where he needed it.
He spied that old scotch glass, grabbed it and blew the dirt out of it.
Grabbing the bottle he filled the chipped glass half-way full (never "empty")
and proceeded with the afternoon's business.
By the dawn of the evening he had everything just about wrapped up.
A little nookie and he would be ready to conquer the world.
4 hours my ass!  That shit don't scare me none.

mindbringer, 15 August 2013