Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On A Late Summer's Pleasantry

If you looked just carefully enough there,
just out the sliding glass door, where
strange things can be seen most anytime of the day.
Just beside and out in the areas caused by the dropping of the Sun's ray.

You would see it as I had.
There in all of its glory!
The beginning of a great story,
one that had a tremendous beginning but then turned sad.

The Beginning of The Universe (for this particular moment anyway).
Some called it "The Big Bang".  I guess if you added them all up it would be pretty big; I'd say!
That is what you are looking at (although as soon as you see it it is changed forever, gone).
So, we seem to be saying, we are living one moment by the next, as we sit out here on the lawn,
each serving as the Beginning of The Universe.  When can a guy get some rest?
He complained as he began to notice this was a pretty nice nest.

It is those danged astrophysicists that get all the girls!  Well, he was pretty sure he could fake this.
If anyone tried to enter this reality, they would have to know the secret password and kiss.
He was pretty sure they would not be able to guess the latter because even he did not know what it was.
So there he stood, hands on hips, lips thrust out ready for the guessing (that was the buzz)
but no lips ever touched his.  The first lie in the history of the Beginning of The Universe!
This was not just diappointing, it was down right pre-verse!

So he grabbed some broad for her legs and went out to hitch-hike back to LA.  When the legs
petered out he stuck out his thumb.  They had a ride in three cars!  The others had both thrown eggs.
Pretty soon he was right back where he had started.  Just before the Beginning of All Time.
Which just so happened to be might near the Beginning of The Universe (ultimate rhyme),
Get it?  Rhyme.  Time.  But both also happening to be beginnings of significant matters.  Thus, Ultimate.
Pardon me, for straying off topic.  As I was saying, Beginning of Time, Beginning of Universe.  Got it, mate!

Luckily for me, the day ended right after that and my role was over.  Something about Super-Strings.

mindbringer, 12 August 2013