Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mutability No More

He was showered with platitudes.
Wet with mediocrity, he struggled to escape.
Mired down, he fought and kicked.
Why oh why had he been picked?
He had been in many such a scrape,
and he had approached each with a variety of attitudes.

Today, however, he was just plain tired.
He had had enough of his fellow man, society.
He was ready for something really meaningful.
Anything else just made him sad, sorrowful.
But, how could he extract himself with at least some propriety?
He needed to do this because just yesterday he had retired.

Retired from his "working" life that had done nothing
other than keep him from his writing.
Now he was free!
Free to create, to be "the real me".
So, careful not to seem to be inciting
a riot, he snuck away into the lengthening evening.

Finally away from all the hub-bub,
he sat down to relax and take it all in.
The sunset's colors, the winds gentle sighs.
The growing coolness chilled his tired thighs
and he went over in his mind just where all he had been.
It was like the ideas you get when you are in a hot tub.

Refocused, he stood up and headed home.
Home where he could think and write.
At peace in his cozy, warm library.
Having arrived, he saw some books to carry
and put in their proper place, right
where they belonged, no longer left out to roam.

And that was just the jist of it, wasn't it?
He had arrived.
No more roaming!
Outside the nightime gloaming
eased his wearied mind.  What had he contrived?
Why, the answers to all things, how they fit.

Armed with true knowledge,
he sat down in his comfortable chair,
leaned back and took up pen and paper.
Tonight he would forget his life as caper
and concentrate on that part of it he wished to share.
And soon his thought was on the very knife's edge.

Razor-sharp his mind.
Full of energy his being.
Wrists limber and ready for writing.

His mind travelled out into the world
taking with it his soul
and together they saw the reason for being.
Yes, that which all mankind had forever been seeking.
It was just as he now thought in his new role
as thinker, poet and writer.  In his thoughts, happiness swirled!

So simple, why had he not seen it before?
To ease the sufferings of his fellow beings
and to allow them to find happiness such as his.
Nature had given him its blessings and a kiss.
Opened his eyes to the needs all around him, to the world's feelings.
He had turned a corner and opened a new door.

Inside, just inside, lay life's greatest adventures ready for the taking.
On them, he would ride like the white whale rides the world's currents.
Silent.  Seeking.  Immutable.

mindbringer, 13 September 2013